Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Summer Buzz

by Monica Albertson
from Peg Cochran's Cranberry Cove Series

I love summer on Sassamanash Farm, I thought as I straightened the sheets and pulled up the comforter on my bed.  I had the window open and a delicious soft breeze drifted in, ruffling the lace curtains I’d found at an estate sale.

My little cottage smelled of baking—yeast, sugar and cranberries.  It more or less always smelled that way since I made dozens of baked cranberry goods every day for the farm store.

I had two large baskets full of cranberry muffins, bread, scones and chocolate chip cranberry cookies that I’d already baked that morning sitting on the kitchen table.  I picked them up and headed out the door.

I delivered the goodies to the farm store, and on my way back to the cottage I noticed Jeff standing by the rock strewn dirt path that functioned as a driveway.  A truck was parked near the pump station and it was loaded with strange looking wooden boxes.

“What are those,” I said, pointing at the truck, when I reached Jeff.

“Those are bee hives.  We’ve rented the bees to pollinate the cranberry flowers.”

I looked out over the bog where a carpet of pale pink flowers waved in the slight breeze.

 “Why do we have to rent bees?  There were plenty buzzing around the climbing roses by my terrace this morning.”

Jeff laughed.  “There aren’t enough native bees to do the job.  Besides, they don’t love cranberry flowers as much as they love other flowers so we need plenty of bees for pollination.

 “Isn’t it dangerous—letting all those bees out?”

 "Don't worry.  The beekeeper knows what he’s doing.”

 Little did either of us know that someone was about to get stung.

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  1. This is particularly timely....bees are importing them may become a reality all over the country. I look forward to reading this book.

  2. Already pre-ordered. Please remind us about the next one when it is available to pre-order. I like to do that as soon as I hear. That way I dont end up missing my favorite books, authors and series