Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lethal In Old Lace

Hi, Reagan Summerside here from the Consignment Shop Mysteries. In Lethal in Old Lace it’s spring in Savannah! I know, I know, spring is amazing everywhere it’s a full-out Van Gogh painting here in the South! But that doesn’t mean all is right with the world.

     The Abbott sisters are accused of murder! How can this be? Those two adorable little old ladies who live right next door to me wouldn’t hurt a fly unless that fly named Willie Fishbine just happened to swindle them out of a ton of money. They got sucked them into the great Spring Chicken vitamin scam that was supposed to make everyone feel young again. A great idea but crushed dandelions, wheat germ and a dash of gummy worms just doesn’t do the trick.

     All seemed circumstantial and the sisters were okay until BW...that’s Bruce Willis the canine version and my BFF...went bone hunting and dug up a body in the sisters’ garden and announced his accomplishment by carrying a blue purse covered in dirt right to the head Savannah detective.

     Now I have to try and find the real killer, or the best neighbors
ever will go to jail for a really long time. So far my main suspect is Dexter Thomas. Not only does he own the House of Eternal Slumber mortuary but he wants to by the Sleep Pines retirement home. What better way of driving down the price than knocking off the residents. That’s one way to get the Pines for cheap.

     And there’s Arnett Fisbine who had her eye on her daddy’s money for years and now on a non-stop spending spree. Of course it could also be those two gold-digger gals who married for money and want to get their antiquated husbands into Sleep Pines and need two openings to get them there.

     All this and I’m planning a wedding. Did anything ever run smooth especially a wedding? What was your wedding like? Was it easy to play and did all go according to plan? I need to know what to expect and I sure hope it’s not another dead body. Bye for now...Hugs, Reagan

Consignment Shop Mysteries
Duffy Brown


  1. The wedding went OK - my choice of groom was not so hot.

  2. It SNOWED and we had an ice storm in Dallas several days before the wedding, which my mother mostly planned, with my input. Not as many family members could fly in from New Orleans, but some drove! Happy to have both my grannies there and the party the night before(after rehearsal dinner) was a hoot. Oh, dh rode in a friend's car to change clothes at his parents' house before we were treated to rounds of free drinks at 3 local bars, and they got into a minor fender-bender. Then a bunch of friends followed us back to the local MOTEL and wouldn't leave for HOURS, or days, as it was Super Bowl Wkend! Finally we got to be alone, tho' we'd already lived together for awhile, and it was nice! We're still together after all these yrs. but I said next time I'd suggest we elope and/or celebrate in Vegas!

  3. My wedding went OK, its all those small details that go into the planning that were tedious. If I could do over, I would choose a different matron/maid of honor. I would have also insisted that my future father in law do some sort of rehearsal dinner, since he was so insistent on things having to be done "according to the rules". He claimed he couldn't afford to have a rehearsal dinner so we had nothing.

  4. Can't wait to read Lethal in Old Lace! Any idea when it will be published?

  5. Oh, Duffy, what happened over my wedding could be a book on its own; from meeting my father-in-law only the day before the wedding, (when I had know the family for 6 1/2 years), to the church full of funeral flowers,( left over from a big Italian mob family funeral), to the reception full of hitherto unmet VIPS from my husband's work, (where, since I had hardly eaten, I got tipsy for the first time in my life),then my in-laws (parents,grandmother,great-aunt and cousin), got lost on the way to the reception and my husband nearly abandoned me to go find them....and much more! It was funny the next day, it's funny 34 years later.
    Good luck with all of your works!

  6. Can't wait to read this new book! Walked is a great character! Can't wait to see the proposal!