Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An Idea Worth Having is an Idea Worth Stealing

from Janet Marsh of the Highland Bookshop Mysteries by Molly MacRae

I’m stealing an idea from a friend back in Illinois. Neither of us lives there anymore. She moved to Blue Plum, Tennessee, and I’m in Inversgail, Scotland. Come to think of it, you might know her. Kath Rutledge? She runs a fiber and fabric shop called the Weaver’s Cat. She posted a crazy story here, last month, about a ghost. Kath is a lot of fun.

Anyway, back to stealing from her. A few years ago, she posted pictures of some of her favorite cats in Blue Plum. At the time, it was a little hard for me to read. I’d just come through a divorce, something I’d never expected, and then our cat passed over the rainbow bridge. Life happens, doesn’t it? And happens, and happens, and “for everything there is a season,” and . . .  well. Things change.

I’m living in Scotland, now, running a bookshop, tearoom, and B&B with my daughter and two good friends. Things are going well. We’re settling in (after a bit of a rocky start involving a body in my garden shed), and now my thoughts are turning to cats. I miss having a cat. So, thanks to Kath and her idea of Blue Plum cat pin-ups, here are some of the cats I see around the harbor in Inversgail.

I’m not exactly shopping. These pictures aren’t a cat-a-log (sorry). But I think maybe it’s time, and when I see you again, maybe I’ll have pictures of a new member of my household. Of course, that makes the next big question, what will I name a new cat? Any thoughts?

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  1. Aww--cute pictures! For a long time we let our daughter name our cats, which is how we ended up with Heidi, Felix, Dexter and Lila. I claimed that privilege for the last one, a stray I wooed with food and affection. I named him Oliver, because he kept showing up and saying "Please, may I have some more?" (P.S. he now weighs at least 20 pounds.)

  2. Oliver is a great name for a hungry stray. We always let our kids name the cats, too. We had Moon Cat (all white), Blackie (mostly black), Sandy (who wasn't), Mittens (who had them), Gunnarsson (after their favorite author at the time), and Neko (when one of them was studying Japanese). Now I'm having fun turning names over in my head.

  3. You are in Scotland - and it is a book store - so a perfect name for a cat would be Robert Burns, Walter Scott or Bonnie Prince Charlie. Of course if it is a female - then Rebecca or Rowena or just plain Bonnie.

    1. Wonderful names! Thank you for the suggestions and for stopping by today.

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  6. Phiseag - Gaelic for "kitten" and pronounced something like "PEESH-ag". (As a nod to Kath Rutledge, the word, when spelled "pìseag", with the accent over the "i", refers to a scrap of fabric.) {Perhaps a certain newspaper editor could suggest the name.}