Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In the soup now

What’s going on?” A guy called down from the porch above us. “Is somebody there? Did somebody fall?”
Sutter and I exchanged uh oh looks and a woman on the porch squealed. “Ohmygoodness! It’s a body! This is fantastic! I know what this is. It’s one of those murder mystery weekends right here at the Grand Hotel. The victim’s right there, I can see him all sprawled out on the ground. Oh this is so much fun.”
“Look, lady,” Sutter shot back. “This is no mystery weekend party this is a real crime scene here.”
“Of course it is,” she squealed again. “You all are great actors, this is amazing. What a fantastic surprise right here on Mackinac Island.”
Yep, this is exactly what happened to Nate Sutter and me, Evie Bloomfield in Braking For Bodies, book two in the Cycle Path mysteries.

Nate and I weren’t exactly trying to cover up the fact that there was a dead body right outside the Grand Hotel but it was a matter of survival to do just that. If word got out there as a murder at the Grand all the guests will be high-tailing it out of the hotel and off Mackinac Island at record speed. We couldn’t have that happen especially at the busiest weekend of the year...the beloved Lilac Festival.

So what do we do now? We have to play along with the idea of there actually being a murder mystery weekend at the Grand. It doesn’t sound so bad until you consider there will be groups of tourists prowling around when Nate and I are trying to find the real killer.

Nate is the official chief of police for Mackinac, I’m more of a self-appointed chief of trouble for the island. Not that I want the title but more like the trouble thing happens because of dead bodies and suspects following me around.

And not that old Peephole Perry didn’t deserve to bite the big one for all the trouble he’s caused. But the big problem is that the number one suspect for knocking off Peep is my island BFF, Fiona who runs the local newspaper. Fiona once worked for the creep back in LA. He was no-good scum then and nothing’s changed except the geography.

Wish me luck in finding Peep’s killer and keeping Fiona out of jail and keeping one step ahead of Nate Sutter. Right now he thinks Fiona is the killer just because all the evidence points to her.
I got to think of something fast to get Fiona off the hook and now wind up on the hook myself.

Hugs from Evie Bloomfield.


  1. Ms Brown is such a wonderful writer. Her stories make me laugh as I read. And I cannot imagine anything more fun than hiding a murder in plain sight.