Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day Shenanigans and Giveaway!

Mother's Day. The day we celebrate the women in our life. The day I celebrate Vivian Lowry as my mama. Not that it's a bad thing, but my mama is a southern woman and Mother's Day is the biggest holiday of the year, outside of Easter in our small town of Cottonwood, Kentucky.

As a child, my father made sure that I knew about Mother's Day. He'd send me into ask mama what she wanted for Mother's Day. I'd report back to dad that mama only wanted me to go to church with her and sit front and center. That's all.

To me that was simple. Dad knew better. He shook his head and told me the ways of mama. She said she wanted me to simply go to church with her, but in reality she wanted me to get her a big ole gift and a corsage. 

Every year it was the same until I was able to drive and then I'd do it by myself. We'd head on down to Lulu's Boutique and pick mama out a piece unique jewelry or have something monogrammed with her initials. In case you didn't know, we southern women love our initials and have them monogrammed on everything. Even our bedding is monogrammed. After I'd look for the perfect gift, I'd head on over to Pedal Pushers and get a corsage from Myrna Savage.

Every year mama would make a fuss over the corsage and the gift, telling me that she didn't need all that stuff and that having me as a daughter and going to church with her was enough. Then....

My senior year of high school dad had gone all out for Mother's Day. He'd made reservations for brunch at Cowboy's Catfish. There I'd give my present to my mama, her corsage and then head to church. It'll be a Mother's Day I'll never forget.

Proudly I gave my mama a scarf with her initials on it from Lulu's, a beautiful corsage that I'd even had Myrna throw a little bling in, and my biggest gift of all. I told them my decision to go to the police academy after I graduated and follow in my Poppa's footprints. Let's just say that mama threw the biggest hissy-fit right there while Bartleby Fry was serving us up some of his best gravy and biscuits. Mama ran out the door, down Main Street, and straight to their house where she stayed there all day in her locked bedroom. It's a Mother's Day I'll never forget and a Mother's Day she's still talking about to this day.

That was years ago, but tomorrow I'll show up on Mother's Day in the front row of church with a gift bag from Lulu's and a corsage from Pedal Pushers. We won't mention the sheriff thing.

Happy Mother's Day to all of y'all! And I even scored you the southern sausage gravy that's lip smackin' good that Bartleby Fry served that very day! You can download your free sausage gravy recipe card here or head on over here for more southern recipes. 

Be sure to check out more of mama's shenanigans and how she sorta gets in the way as I keep our small town of Cottonwood safe as Sheriff!

Hugs and Happy Mother's Day!
Kenni Lowry, Sheriff


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(Tonya Kappes with her four grown little boys and amazing husband who knows exactly what she likes on Mother's, a corsage and a gift!)
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  1. Love Kenni's story. But, the ingredients and directions don't match in the recipe.

  2. Enjoyed the Mother's Day Story and the pictures of you and your family ----terrific.

  3. I, too am confused by the recipe card. It is for a sweet baked good, not biscuits and gravy.