Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Diva Worries

Natasha: Sophie! Sophie! It's almost June. Why don't we have a book?

Sophie: Krista told us that we're changing publishers and there would be a delay. Don't you read your email?

Natasha: You're sure she didn't kill us? There's always a victim in her books. How do we know she didn't poison us?

Sophie: She wouldn't do that. She likes us. Well, she likes most of us.

Natasha: That was mean. It was directed at me, wasn't it? No one likes me. They're all jealous.

Sophie: That must be it. Besides, there just wasn't a murder this year. Didn't you notice?

Natasha: I heard Krista is writing a new mystery series. You don't think . . .

Sophie: . . . that she's writing that series instead of writing about us?

Natasha: It could happen.

Sophie: She wouldn't do that. Didn't you see the big pink announcement?

Natasha: I don't like this. Not one bit. And she should have made the announcement in Robin's egg blue, or at the very least in grey. She's like you. She has no feel for style.  She never knows the "in" colors. I can't tell you how many times she put me in a dress that was all wrong. It's so embarrassing when she does that.

Sophie: Maybe she's going to knock you off because you complain too much.

Natasha: Don't be ridiculous. I'm the classy one. Who would solve the mysteries without me? Do you know what that new series is about?

Sophie: Nope. No one does. She's keeping it a very closely held secret.

Natasha: Worrisome. I tell you, this is not good news for us. I want to be in another book! I want Mars and even that awful Bernie to come back.

Sophie: Calm down. We're about to have a new adventure. I hear she's going to start writing it in June.

Natasha: And we're all going to be in it? The whole gang?

Sophie: Of course! You really should start reading your email.


  1. I am so glad the series will be back, Krista! Thanks for the update.

  2. That Natasha, always a step behind. She has really grown on me as a good foil for Sophie! Can't wait for next summer!

  3. I'm so glad that the Diva is coming back. Looking forward to hearing about the new series too.

  4. Great. Was just checking to see if a diva was on the way.

  5. Waiting, not very patiently,but very glad to know the adventures will characters.

  6. Can't wait for a new book. Summer is here and I'm looking for some great books to sit out on the deck and read!

  7. I am just as anxious as you, Natasha, for a new adventure, and I know it will definitely be worth the wait! In the meantime, I may have to do some re-reading of the Domestic Diva books for a dose of Sophie (and you of course), because they always make me feel good ~

  8. An entire year without a new title...I am really looking forward to next summer!

  9. I'm glad the series hasn't ended!

  10. So glad to hear this! p.s. Tomorrow is June 1 so you need to get going, Krista! :-)

  11. I am so happy that the Diva series is going to live on with a new publisher. Many thanks to Kensington for signing a great author who creates well developed characters and intriguing stories.

  12. My June won't be the same this year without a new mystery with my friends from Old Town. Hope all goes well at Kensington Publishing. Keep writing Krista, love your stories!

  13. I am excited for the new book to come out next year!I love teh title! Congratulations on the move!