Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Killer Games...and a GIVEAWAY!

Character: Liz McCall
Series: Vintage Toyshop Mysteries
Author: Barbara Early

One of my jobs as manager of Well Played, our vintage toyshop, is curating our vintage game collection. Since I'm a self-proclaimed board game junkie, this might be my favorite part of the job!

Or course, whether you think it's is a fun way to spend an evening, or an epic battle waiting to happen, Monopoly features heavily. I try to keep a selection, ranging from those earlier versions, where the game pieces were in a small box and the board was separate, to some of the newer, maybe campier, special editions.

Several Monopoly collectors frequent our shop, looking to round out their collection. And there are plenty to choose from. Cities, sports teams, television shows, movie franchises, toy lines, corporations, and even charities and celebrities often have special Monopoly editions. We've even come across some made for family reunions!

How about a game? Maybe not Monopoly, but a word search which includes the names of twenty-one different versions of Monopoly. Find just three and you could win! Only, to make it a little more challenging, I'm not giving you the word list!

Here's how it works. Below is the puzzle. Find three names, but do NOT post them below (so everyone can play!). Instead, use this Google form:

I'll pick one winner at random from the correct answers, and the winner receives their choice of either: a hardcover copy of DEATH OF A TOY SOLDIER or a paperback advance copy of MURDER ON THE TOY TOWN EXPRESS, releasing October 10th, from Crooked Lane.

The contest runs until August 3rd.

May the words be always in your favor!