Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sally Stark here . . .

I’ve been coordinating weddings most of my life.  And even though some people have found me rather harsh, I get the job done.  No matter what emotional nonsense people or their families and friends are going through, everything is done to a T.  I will brook no interference.

I thought I had seen everything but I was wrong.  The Leary family really takes the cake and I don’t mean the wedding cake.  Interfering maid of honor, lackadaisical brother, angry boyfriend.  Not a problem.  I just swept them out of my way.

But when a bridesmaid doesn’t show up for the wedding march and the ceremony . . . what can I say?  It’s appalling, just appalling.  I mean it’s my reputation that’s on the line here.  If every little thing doesn’t go smoothly, without a hitch, no one at that event will say, “What a lovely courtyard.”  “How romantic.”  “I’ll have to tell my best friend, or sister, or daughter, or . . .”  Whatever.  "This is where you should hold your wedding.  It’s the loveliest ceremony I’ve ever attended.”    

We did find the missing bridesmaid . . . much later.  I don’t want to tell you where or what sort of condition she was in.  You’ll just have to read about it in All Signs Point to Murder.  I was disgusted, completely disgusted.  In  spite of my trials and all the aggravation I went through, that ceremony did go off without a hitch.  
Although . . . I think the harpist  missed a few notes.  I’ll have to have a word with her.  
All Signs Point to Murder will be out soon -- August 8, 2017!  And it's available for pre-order now. 

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