Monday, August 14, 2017


By Hitchcock the Cat of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries by Kay Finch
You may have heard of me – Hitchcock, the bad luck cat. Sigh.  I know I’m not bad luck, and my owner Sabrina knows I’m not bad luck.  Some people in the Texas Hill Country like me, but there are too many who go out of their way to avoid me. Who in their right mind believes that a cat can be bad luck anyway? Sadly, too many people. I encourage them all to learn more about me – I was quite helpful to Sabrina in THE BLACK CAT SEES HIS SHADOW and she might not be here to tell the tale if not for my heroic action.

Sabrina absolutely appreciates her black cat – me. This Thursday, August 17th, is the official BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY. I encourage all of you to spread the word and tell everyone you meet that black cats are the most wonderful, loving, affectionate, great, incredible, excellent, marvelous, amazing, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic, terrific, superb pets you could possibly ever own.  Did I say awesome? Well, we are.

Did you know there is also a HUG YOUR CAT DAY? Guess we missed that back in June but you can hug me any day of the year. I hear there’s a TAKE YOUR CAT TO THE VET DAY later this month – don’t mind if you skip that one.  I don’t mind celebrating NATIONAL DOG DAY on the 26th with my friend Angie, the yellow Lab. Sabrina mentioned NATIONAL BOOK LOVERS DAY on the 9th, and since she’s a writer and her BFF, Tyanne, is a bookseller, I’m sure I’ll hear all about NATIONAL READ A BOOK DAY next month.
Would you believe that today is CREAMSICLE DAY – what’s up with that? How about I take the “cream” part and you can have the “sicle.”
Don’t forget – Thursday is the biggie.  Appreciate a black cat – appreciate ALL black cats – on Thursday and every day. I'd love to hear comments about your favorite black cat - or any cat for that matter!

Kay Finch is the National Best-Selling Author of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries, Black Cat Crossing, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood, and The Black Cat Sees His Shadow. She’s a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division. Kay lives with her husband and their rescue pets in a Houston suburb. Visit the author at


  1. Thanks for sharing all the Fun tidbits. I Love Black Cats Too.

  2. I may not be a 'black' cat, but I am a cat, and I LOVED this post, for sure. Shared it and everythin'! purrs


  3. My son has two black cats! I love my kitties! Both were rescues. Great post Hitchcock!

  4. I had a wonderful black persian cat named Jasper. He was my love bug!

  5. Glad you enjoyed the tidbits, Linda.

  6. Hi Jana - I had a very sweet black & white girl for a long time, and I sure do miss her. Give yours a hug from me.

  7. I currently have 5 cats, 2 of whom are black. Licorice has a touch of white on his neck while Mystic has more white there and some on his face and feet. My favorite black cat (shhh. don't tell Licorice or Mystic) was my Aleister. He was pure black and pure sweetness. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge right before Christmas 2 years ago. He was 17!

  8. Hey, I actually picked your first book of this series to read BECAUSE there was a black cat on the cover. I loved meeting Hitchcock. Great name by the way. And my best buddy Ash is a black cat who cheered Hitchcock on & can't wait to read more of this series. Happy Black Cat day!

    Debra & Ash

  9. Loved Black Cat Crossing!
    Four black cats, (Well, Tucker has a bib so she's technically a tuxedo. ) adopted us. We must live in a lucky house!!!

  10. Thanks, Debra & Ash - I'm glad you enjoyed meeting Hitchcock.

  11. My sister adopted two black kittens from a shelter in January. Toby is a tuxedo cat while Belle is pure black.
    One day when my sister was home alone, she heard the toilet flush. When she went to investigate, Toby was sitting there watching the water swirl.

  12. Hi Hitchcock! Thanks for letting us know about Black Cat Appreciation Day! I have a black cat named Eartha Kitt'n, and of course she is my favorite. Hope you get lots of pets on Thursday!