Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Whose Life Is It?

Skye Denison Boyd from Denise Swanson’s New York Times bestselling Scumble River mystery series.


My name is Skye Denison-Boyd. Mrs. Denison-Boyd to my students. I’m a school psychologist and everyone is having a bit of trouble remembering that I changed my name in December when I married the love of my life, chief of police, Wally Boyd. I live and work in my hometown, Scumble River, Illinois. It’s 75 miles south of Chicago and 75 years behind the times.

The weird thing is there’s this chick, Denise something or other, who is way too interested in my life. It’s almost as if she’s appointed herself as my official biographer. At first I just ignored her, but then the books about my adventures started rolling off the presses.

My mother, May Denison, wanted me to sue Denise, but I think that’s because her portrayal of Mom isn’t all that flattering. My friend, Trixie Frayne, who is an aspiring mystery writer herself, is thrilled and hopes that my biographer will hook her up with her agent.

I pretty much just ignore the books, but I got a sneak peek of the one coming up and it freaked me out! Partly, because I really don’t want to relive going through a tornado or Wally’s kidnapping or the murder. But mainly because of this letter that Denise put in the front of the book:

Dear Readers,
     I hope you enjoy getting to know my sleuths, Skye Denison-Boyd, and her husband, chief of police Wally Boyd. I promise you that you will be able to pick up this book and feel right at home.
     A lot has changed in Skye and Wally's lives and in mine since I first met them back in 2000, which is why I felt it was time for a restart. In Dead in the Water, I'm so excited to launch a new incarnation of their home-town in the Welcome Back to Scumble River series.
     Because the Scumble River series is being reborn as Welcome Back to Scumble River, I've decided to reboot the timeline of the books going forward. It is now present day. Although the characters haven't aged and only a few months have passed since Skye and Wally's adventures in Murder of a Cranky Catnapper, it is now 2017 in Scumble River.
     I also hope you all will forgive me for this leap in time — figuring out how to handle the years passing is just one challenge that comes with writing such a long-running, well-received series, and I have to thank you, my wonderful readers, for supporting Skye, Wally, and all the rest for so long that I have to make these kinds of decisions! There are a lot of new adventures waiting for Skye and Wally and I promise you exciting things to come for them and the rest of the gang in Scumble River.

What does she mean by speeding up time? It sure doesn’t feel as if anything has changed. We all appear to be exactly the same as before. I wonder if I should be worried.


If you’re interested in Skye’s next adventure, read all about it in Dead in the Water, which debuts September 5. It can be preordered at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

--New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson writes the Scumble River, the Devereaux’s Dime Store, and coming soon the Chef-to-Go mysteries. She also writes the Change of Heart and Delicious Love romance series.


  1. I've loved the Scumble River series and am thrilled to see it reborn. Can't wait to read!

  2. YAY!!! Scumble River returns!! I am so excited. I've missed Skye and Wally and the town and ... Can't wait to read it.