Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Beyond the Casserole of a Southern Lady ~ Vivian Lowry


I tell you, being Sheriff Kenni Lowry's mama is a hard job. I mean, it was hard just being her mama, but the mama of the sheriff. Now that's somethin' I've got to live up to and it's hard. You know all them henny hens, that's what we call all the gossipy old ladies in Cottonwood, they call me when someone dies or some crime happens because they think I've got some inside scoop. Even if I did, I can only give them a tidbit just to give them somethin' to chew on.

Let me tell you, being a southern woman is not all it's cracked up to be. Not only do we all stayed dolled up all the time, join multiple committees, belong on several clubs, and live in pearls. . .we also have to cook.

I'm not talking any old recipe. I'm not talking just throwing things together.  I'm talking making from scratch cooking. You see, your cookin' abilities will make you or break you on the societal chain.
It's a competition of sorts, but no one would ever have the gall to call it what it is. We send days making several of the same casserole or dish and bring the best one. I know, because I do the same thing. I didn't win the big Cottonwood bake off and have my pot pie featured on the Cooking Channel for just throwing stuff together.

Now, go on and get out of here. I've got a southern chicken pot pie to make for Beryle Stone's repass. And I can't sit here all day gabbing about nothin'.

Oh, yes! That Beryle Stone. Mmhhmm, the big author with that huge box office, Academy Award winner from the 60's. She's a citizen of Cottonwood and she came back here to retire. Unfortunately, she died. So sad.

But I did hear from the girls in the Auxiliary group and down at Tiny Tina's Salon, which meant I heard it in two different places and it can't be rumor, that Beryle had written a tell all book. And it's about the people in Cottonwood. Tell all! She's gonna spill her guts and everyone in town is dying to get their hands on it.

Follow the link for my delicious and fall warming Southern Chicken Pot Pie.

What is your favorite fall comfort food? Leave a comment along with your email address to be entered to southern mystery y'all tote.

Book 3
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  1. I have not read all of the series yet, I can't believe so much can come from one imagination! I'm tickled that I still have more books to read. I like cream soups even though they don't much care for me. I haven't had chicken pot pie in FOREVER, I may have to indulge in a Southern pot pie! Thank you for the recipe and fun giveaway. konecny7(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. What a fun list of new books to enjoy. My favorite fall comfort food is pork chops, potatoes and cabbage. I'm going to try the chicken pot pie, love those too. Thanks for a chance to win your giveaway.

  3. The recipe looks yummy. I'm looking forward to reading these books. My favorite fall comfort food is chicken and dumplings! kristilewis dot lrc at gmail dot com

  4. Love the new series, can't wait for Ax to Grind on the 19th. I'm going to try out the recipe soon. Sounds yummy

  5. What a perfect recipe for the fall. I would enjoy these books. My favorite fall comfort food is eggplant parmesan and pasta. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. The recipe is delectable and ideal for the family for cool fall evenings. My favorite fall comfort food is roast chicken with veggies. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. I can't wait to dig into your series.
    I absolutely love fall. It is my face time of year, not to mention it is super busy for me too. Between all the birthdays.. mine is October 11th, my husbands is the 18th our weeding anniversary is the 16th and our sons is Halloween! (He was supposed to be a November baby, but he decided to come in Halloween.. needless to say my daughter was super upset the year he was born, she worried because I had him on Halloween she couldn't go out trick-or-treating. Oops sorry got off topic.. I love love love fall.
    My favorite comfort food would have to be my mom's homemade stuffing!!! I can never Ger enough of it. I finally attempted to make it on my own last yr for Thanksgiving. (I spent more time on the phone with her making sure I did it right.. I don't cook well ;) ) But it must of turned out because my brother was over and he ate more than one helping. LOL
    Thanks for the chance

  8. My favorite fall comfort food is Apple Crisp.Love the smell of it cooking.

  9. Chicken pot pie is one of our faves so I will definitely check out your recipe. Our favorite comfort food is Calico Beans with corn bread. Every year I fix a big stock pot of beans and freeze for use during the cooler months. Our corn bread is butter rich, cake like texture. When the kids were little I always made a 9 X 9 pan with a can of fruit cocktail dumped in. That. They were glad to eat. Della at deepotter (at) peoplepc (dot) com

  10. My favorite for comfort food is simple macaroni and cheese . P. S. Love all of your books

  11. my favorite fall food is pumpkin pie with whipped cream, turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing(think Thanksgiving dinner & dessert)

  12. forgot my email address

  13. Our fall comfort food is a beef pot roast i make it at least once a week and hubby loves it. Thanks for the new recipe.

  14. homemade chili and sweet cornbread!!!

  15. My favorite Fall comfort dish is Dutch Apple Pie. Love Tonya's books, but haven't started this series yet. Looking forward to reading.

  16. My favorite Fall comfort dish is Dutch Apple Pie. Love Tonya's books, but haven't started this series yet. Looking forward to reading.

  17. Favorite Fall comfort food is congee.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  18. A warm apple pie made with fresh apples dbahn(at)iw(dot)net

  19. My favorite fall comfort dish is macaroni and cheese. Then some warm apple crisp.

  20. Southern comfort food...salmon patty with fresh tomatoes, fried potatoes, and slaw all like my Grandmother made..yum...

  21. thanks for the giveaway. I am going to try this recipe. A copy of one of eh books would be great. Georgia
    queenvictoria50 (at) aol (dot) com

  22. Fall comfort food? Anything pumpkin, I make an apple pie with crispy apples (granny smith, honeycrisp or the like) in a crust made with good organic wheat flour and ground hazlenuts. I also love making a harvest hodgepodge... Spuds, parsnips, any root veggies, carrots, celery, onions, and some apples - roasted with garlic and homemade vinegar heavy Italian vinaigrette, my spice/herb mix with ground cumin, oregano, mint, and whatnot, finished with some quality feta...

  23. I enjoy this series. My favorite comfort food is roast beef with roasted potatoes and carrots.

  24. Any kind of pumpkin dessert (especially pie) is heavenly fall comfort food for me! Yummm yummm!

  25. The first tray of apple crisp - hot from the oven. That says fall to me. cheers at MarjimManor dot com

  26. My favorite fall comfort food is a nice bowl of chili with lots of cheese and Fritos instead of crackers. If it's my brother's chili it has all of the above and sour cream. His is so spicy.

  27. The recipe looks great and I'm looking forward to the book. My big comfort food for cooler weather is chili.

  28. icecream for sure



  30. I like chili in the fall (or really any time).
    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  31. Paula Jacobson
    My favorite fall comfort food is chili. It warms me up from inside out. I also like hot chocolate and pumpkin pie. jsjacobson(at)prtel(dot)com

  32. My favorite fall comfort food is Shepherds Pie