Monday, September 18, 2017

Biscuit Wants a Bite

by Biscuit, Carrie Kennersly's dog in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Hello.  My name is Biscuit.  Last time I was here at Killer Characters was only a few months ago, around when BAD TO THE BONE was published, in May of this year.  Or that's what my wonderful human Carrie Kennersly says.  Not that I understand all of it, but she tells me that she's the human whose stories are being told in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries.  

And now she's telling me that maybe there's going to be another person killed in our town of Knobcone Heights, and that story's going to be told next year in a book to be called PICK AND CHEWS.

So what do I have to do with that?  Well, I'm always there for Carrie.  And she's always there for me.  I hang out a lot in Barkery and Biscuits, a really great shop where the treats being sold are baked mostly from recipes that Carrie invented in her other job, where she's a veterinary technician.  That means she helps other dogs and pets like me get well and stay well, so her treats aren't only just really, really tasty, but they're good for us.  Or so she says, and since I love to scarf them up I can believe it.

Her closest friend these days seems to be Dr. Reed Storme, a veterinarian at the vet clinic where Carrie works part time as a vet tech.  I like him, and I even like his dog Hugo, who's bigger than me.  Reed sometimes tells Carrie to stop investigating those people murders.  I agree.  It can be dangerous--and it also takes time Carrie could be baking more treats for me.

But back to those mysteries.  You can read the first three already, if you'd like.  I star in all of them.  They're BITE THE BISCUIT, TO CATCH A TREAT, and BAD TO THE BONE.  Carrie's in them, too, and so are lots of other dogs besides me, plus some of Carrie's friends.  They're all tasty--well, enjoyable to read, or so Carrie says.

And me?  Well, just bring on more dog treats and I'll continue to be happy with all this excitement around me.

BAD TO THE BONE, the third Barkery & Biscuits Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, was a May 2017 release from Midnight Ink, and PICKS AND CHEWS will be a May 2018 release.  


  1. Hi, Biscuit, my name is Sneakers. I'm having my human type this because, well, I'm older now than she is (in dog years). Are there any recipes for the yummy dog treats in your books, or are they Carrie's trade secrets? *woof*

  2. Hi, Sneakers. Yes, my human always puts at least one recipe for a treat for her kind in these books, as well as one for dogs like us. I get to try the doggy treats before their recipes are included, so that's something else I like about these books.