Monday, October 9, 2017

Brittany Bloom’s Interview with Detective James O’Neil

James O'Neil from  Kelle Z Riley's Undercover Cat series

What: WKTV Studios Local Interest Story
Where: WKTV Studios, Plainville, IL
Subject: Brittany Bloom’s Interview with Detective James O’Neil
Hi, I’m detective James O’Neil of the Plainville, IL police department. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Smile at the interviewer, James. And stop fiddling with your pen. Brittany’s not here to scope you out. It’s just an interview. A public relations stunt for the PD.
…Sorry, what was that? I was thinking about a recent case... Sure, I can tell you a bit about it.
…Yes, the Plainville PD was called in to investigate the suspicious death of a woman at the local college. That is, the chemistry lab where she was found was part of a parcel to be donated to the college by the Naturalistics company.
The case was a bit unusual. For one thing, the alleged crime took place on the school grounds and garnered the attention of both the College President and the Plainville Mayor. They didn’t want a large police presence on campus, so we worked out an agreement to use a private consultant. Bree is so much more than just a consultant. She’s smart, and if she weren’t involved with that jerk of a CIA reject. . .
…Oh. Yes, I was still thinking about the case. Woolgathering, as my grandma would have called it. Anyway, we hired Dr. Bree Watson because she was knowledgeable about science and she had a relationship with Naturalistics. A relationship that included posing undercover as a student, for God’s sake. Would Tugood never stop putting Bree in danger? Oops, pay attention to the interview, O’Neil. At least try to look competent.
Dr. Watson had formed relationships with the employees of Naturalistics, so she was a logical choice for the job.
…Yes, we had worked together before, in a manner of speaking. You already know—because you are a good reporter—that Bree was a suspect in a murder case at the Chemical Industries Corporation (CIC) several months ago. What the news stories at the time didn’t tell you was that Dr. Watson was instrumental in uncovering the identity of the real killer. Without her input, we would not have correctly interpreted the clues that led to the motive.
…My relationship with Dr. Watson? Purely professional. What a load of crap. It’s a heck of a lot more and you know it. She’s playing hard-to-get, but the attraction goes both ways. I’d bet my badge on it.
…Do I plan to continue using her as a consultant? That’s tantamount to asking me if I plan to allow another murder to happen on my watch. And, for the record, the Plainville PD does everything in its power to prevent murder. Smile at her, O’Neil. Use the sexy grin. Then get the hell out off camera.
Thank you, Brittany. Stay safe out there.
Whew. If the Captain hadn’t insisted I come, I would have rather been anywhere but on local TV. Especially talking about Bree and trying to pretend there isn’t a lot more between us. She’s got so much going for her. She’s smart. Sexy. Determined. Of course, that part is one of the problems.
Right now, she’s determined to play at being a spy for that that jackass, Tugood. A man whose history is so redacted even I can’t figure out his real identity, when he stated working as a spook, or what agency he worked for. Not that I’m going to stop digging into his background. He’s dangerous.
No normal woman should be involved him. Certainly no one as sweet and kind as Bree. He’s just using her! Her illusions about working undercover are colored by spy novels and movies. But anyone who’s ever watched a James Bond movie knows women die when they get involved with him. In that respect, Tugood is as classic as they come.
But, while she’s playing at being a spy, I’m going to watch her back and keep her safe.
And when she’s ready for a normal relationship. . . I’ll be there for that, too.

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