Saturday, October 7, 2017

Do picnics and murder go together?

This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and although the Culinary Capers Dinner Club gang and I live in Burlington, VT, our author lives in Ottawa, Ontario. So she’s looking forward to a big family dinner at her place tomorrow. That’s ten adults, one cat, and one dog in a sunny semi-detached, sort of on the small side. Makes for cozy families, doesn’t it?

So, while she’s busy with all those details, I’ll just tell you a bit more about what you’ll find between the covers of Marinating in Murder, book #3 that’s coming out in March.

As you’ll know from reading the series, we rotate hosts for our monthly dinner and that host gets to choose the cookbook from which all our dishes are taken. It’s Alison’s turn this time around and because it’s early fall, she’s chosen to do a picnic. Yes, we can throw on a fleece and have a great time outdoors in Burlington at this time of year.

We don’t quite make it to the picnic spot though. Something about a body in the back of Alison’s SUV. What makes this so much worse than a body, which is already tragic, is the fact that Alison is a cop, and the body is that of her estranged husband.

Well, what’s a dinner club to do but help find the killer. We all know it’s not Alison!

I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering a copy of Marinating in Murder  at  and join us for some tasty meals and some sizzling sleuthing.

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  Book #3, MARINATING IN MURDER comes in March, 2018

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