Monday, October 2, 2017

Why attend a writer's retreat? By Cat Latimer of A STORY TO KILL AND FATALITY BY FIRELIGHT by Lynn Cahoon

Hi, I’m Cat Latimer. I’m a young adult paranormal author, which in normal people’s terms means, I write about a teenage witch who just found out she has magical powers.  If you would talk to my former peers over at Covington College, they would say I write commercial fiction. And you could tell by the sneer on their faces when they answer what they really think about my popular series.

But the book business is a fickle master, so I’ve got another business starting up. One that the Covington English department actually sponsors with library access and one seminar a session from a low ranking professor. The Warm Springs Writing Retreat was a brain child between me and my bestie, Shauna Clodagh, when I found out that the Victorian house I’d love and lost in my divorce was back in my name.

How? Well, my ex-husband died before he changed the will. That’s the only reason I could think of at the time. Now, that I’m home and finding out more about how Michael died, I’m beginning to question a lot of things I thought I knew as fact. 

Like the fact my husband cheated on me and caused the divorce. Lately, I feel like I’m playing a gigantic game of Truth or Dare. And I’ve been losing at the game since moving home.

I’m running an errand for Shauna since she’d not keen on driving on snow covered roads.  I grew up here in Aspen Hills and I’m used to the Colorado weather.  We have a new group of retreat guests coming in next week and I’m hoping this session goes smoother than the first. Seth talked me into doing a pre-retreat trip up to the Little Ski Hill with the guests, so I’m hoping that the event will bring the group together faster. 

I totally believe that writers need relationships and experiences. Sometimes we’re so locked in our heads, it’s hard to relate to the real world. Shauna, Seth, and even, Uncle Pete, keep me grounded. I hope my guests find someone to bond with during the week.

Well, I’m at the store, so I guess I better go. Shauna’s making stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner and she’s out of rice. And I’m sure there will be a dessert to try out for the retreat. 

Check out the retreat and be sure to let the writers in your life know about it.  I’d appreciate the referrals.

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