Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Through Thick and Thin

Nothing better than friends and families and there are no families or friends closer than Southern families and friends. That’s especially true in my Consignment Shop Series. Book 5, Lethal In Old Lace, out March 13. Here’s a few examples from the series.

Mamma and KiKi were sisters. At birth the muses tangoed over auntie’s crib turning her into Savannah’s dance diva and they wrapped mamma in a blanket with little elephants resulting in this campaign and me getting the name Reagan.

Friendship means being there for each other when the chips are down, like when Walker Boone is wanted for murder.

            I looked at my ’57 red Chevy convertible parked at the curb. “Might as well put a target on my back trying to get away from the cops in this thing.”
           Reagan shoved her helmet at me. “Take Princess.”
          “A scooter? You want me to ride a pink scooter named Princess?”
            “Better than that being your nickname in the big house.”
And there are all kinds of friendships…friendships between guys…

                      Dawg,” Big Joey said to me as I slip onto a stool next to his, everyone in the place giving Joey space. “Know you’d show.”
          Big Joey was built like a Mac truck, muscles buffed to jet black, gold tooth, ponytail and main man of the Seventeenth Street gang...my former home and forever family. He was my brother in every sense of the word except parental commonality.

Friendships between girls…

                        Footsteps skittered across the floor over our heads and I tore up the steps, with Auntie KiKi right behind me. We turned the corner at the top and faced a big guy with alcohol-infused breath and wild-looking bloodshot eyes that I could make out even in the dark. The guy took a swing at me and missed. KiKi threw the rest of her martini in his face and I added an added a cocktail shaker uppercut to his jaw.
                       “I give up! I give up!” The guy stumbled back against the wall and slithered down to the floor as I switched on the hall lights.

So who’s always there for you? Who always has your back come hell or high water?

Hugs, Duffy Brown



  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one.

  2. I'm fortunate enough to have two "always there for me" friends. One I just happened to married. :) He's my everything! Hubby and I have been through it all - together - and always come out on the other side holding hands and staying strong as a couple of the bestest "friends". I also have a sister by choice that if every definition of a true friend. She was the one that stuck by me, my lifeline to the outside world, when we were full time caregivers to Mom after her nasty cancer surgery and with Alzheimer when everyone else seemed to disappear once I wasn't able to go and do the things I once did. I am blessed to have both in my life!

  3. I can't wait to read this book. A great series!

  4. The book sounds great. My husband is there for me no matter what.

  5. In addition to my kids and hubby, I have a few bffs who have my back and are there for me. These bffs are women who taught with me and we all retired within a few years of each other. We are sisters of the heart. Looking forward to reading this book.

  6. This is a favorite series of mine...looking forward to reading this latest book!
    My husband is my "got your back" person, but I do have some girlfriends that would help me, too.