Sunday, February 4, 2018

Big Cat!

by Quincy
from the Fat Cat series by Janet Cantrell

You know that I am THE Fat Cat, right? Me, Quincy, and no other cat. I’m proud of my heft and I work hard to maintain my noble girth. 

However, I’ve recently noticed that my author is writing about another cat and I have to tell you that I’m worried. That guy is gigantic!

I was so happy when my writer, Janet Cantrell, put me in the three Fat Cat books and even happier when you read them! I only come alive if someone is reading about me. Due to circumstance beyond our control, my writer has had to switch back to her other name, Kaye George (don’t worry, she’s still the same person) and start a new series, the Vintage Sweets series.

It’s set in Texas instead of Minnesota. It will still contain recipes. And a cat. Just not me. The new cat’s name is Nigel and my writer calls him a Maine Coon. I was able to sneak in a little tête-à-tête with him one night after she’d gone to bed. He’s nice enough, just intimidating. I don’t think he’s too bright, though. He never sneaks outside like I used to. I’m going to try to have some more talks with him and maybe I can teach him some of my tricks.

By the way, my writer handed in the manuscript for REVENGE IS SWEET this week and she should have a publication date soon, so stay tuned!

Nigel's picture by katmystiry


  1. Looking forward to meeting Nigel!

  2. I like books set in Minnesota because that's where I live. I will still look for Nigel.

  3. Maine coon cats are BIG! Miranda (Dean) James writes about Diesel...a Maine Coon. Diesel supervises his human when he goes to work as a librarian. Maybe they know each other? Diesel and Nigel!

  4. Cool! I look forward to reading your books.🐱

  5. Thank, Jana and Eileen. I used to live in Minnesota and loved it there! Jane, a meeting between Diesel and Nigel DOES sound like fun.