Monday, February 5, 2018

Judging a Book by its Cover

By Laurel Inwood from Kylie Logan’s Ethnic Eats Mysteries

There’s always a lot happening here at Sophie’s Terminal at the Tracks.  Some of it is terrific–like me meeting Declan, the manager of the Irish gift shop across the street.  And me finding a home here in Hubbard, Ohio after a nasty experience as a personal chef out in Hollywood.  And the success of our monthly ethnic eats specials.  And did I mention Declan?

Some of it . . . well, some of it has been not so good, and I’m afraid to say, there’s more to come.  This summer, I’ll finally be able to tell you the latest in a little adventure I’m calling “Italian Iced.”   For now, though, I thought you might be wondering about the covers that end up on my Ethnic Eats stories.

Often, my editor asks what I’d like to see on the cover of a book.  Sometimes I have an opinion.  Like all the green on the cover of “Irish Stewed,” that was my idea.  As were the French flags on the cover of (what else!) “French Fried.”

For “Italian Iced,” I was a little unsure.

That’s when the great folks at Berkley took over and made all the important decisions.  The process is a little different than I envisioned.  Take a look!

Here’s the original cover sketch:

What do you think? 

What sort of story do you suppose goes with the cover?

Next month, I'll reveal the finished cover!


  1. I really enjoy your books. The League of Literary Ladies are my favorite. But I digress. The Ethnic Eats have been really interesting. The plot of French Fried was intriguing, twisty, and intricate. So...Italian Iced...someone ends up in the freezer? Or poisoned? Looking forward to reading this newest installment! Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Jane! Your kind words made my morning! As for "Iced" . . . freezer . . . I think you're onto something!

  3. I think it will be a summer treats story. I look forward to reading it.🐱

  4. Hard to think about summer treats when it's so darned cold here in northeast Ohio. But it's fun to dream of sun and warm temps, isn't it?