Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What Happened to February?

By Sully Sullivan, from A Christmas Peril by J.A. Hennrikus

I went out to get a scone this morning. I pulled on my coat, but didn't zip it up. I left my hat and scarf in the office, and kept my gloves balled up in my pockets. My sneakers on the dry road made me consider for a moment--a moment--that perhaps I should take a run this afternoon. I looked up in the milky gray sky and squinted at the ball of fire that hung in the middle.
"This is just wrong," I said aloud to no one in particular.
"What's that Sully?" Gene asked me. Gene was outside the Beef and Ale, sweeping the sidewalk. Trevorton had taken to sand over salt on sidewalks when possible, and the flash freeze in January made some of the sidewalks look like they were on the beach rather than a couple of miles away.
"Gene, it's February. I should be bundled up and dreaming of a trip to somewhere warm."
"You should," Gene said. "And you're right. This isn't right. I saw a picture of me three years ago--"
"During Snowmagedon," I said, using the term New Englanders used to describe the record breaking winter of 2015.
"Yup. Snow drifts were so high you could barely see the door to the bar."
"I remember." I shuddered. I don't do any snow sports, so winter is to be endured. The winter of 2015 tested my patience.
"So, you're right. This warm snap--"
"It's going to be 70 tomorrow," I said.
"Nuts. It's not good for us. You know we'll pay, and it will snow in April."
"I do," I said. New Englanders were famous for a doom and gloom, we know we have to pay our winter penance.
"But, I'll take it," Gene said. "These warmer days, they've been a tonic. I'll take 'em, and keep the snow blower out through April." Gene went back to sweeping.
I looked over at Gene, and smiled. Maybe I would do a run this afternoon. May as well enjoy the gift of a warm snap in February.
But still, it was just wrong.

J.A. Hennrikus writes the Theater Cop series, and Julianne Holmes writes the Clock Shop series. They both tweet under @JAAuthors, are on Instagram as @JAHenn, and are on Facebook.

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  1. This has really been a weird winter. I'm thinking Mother Nature is dealing with menopause and hot flashes.