Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Crafty Round-Up PLUS a Giveaway

By: Cora Chevalier
From: Cora Crafts Mysteries
Author: Mollie Cox Bryan
           Book 3 Title: Macrame Murder

One of my favorite things to do as a craft blogger is my round-ups and they seem to be popular with my readers, too. So, I’m going to share a round-up up with you today.

Besides, I need a little distraction. We're gearing up for a Mom's Weekend Away Craft Retreat and the planning is getting a little tedious. We want it to be special for these women who give so much of themselves all year long. We want to pamper them while they are exploring crafts. 

But never mind. I promised you my crafty round up.

Here we go:

One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is full of crafting and folklore:

If you are looking for craft inspiration, check out the craft section here:

Here’s a fabulous list of places to go on line for repurposing ideas.

Are you a bullet journal swamped in paper and stickers? Have you ever thought of going digital? 

Do you have a lot of extra buttons taking up space? Here's some ideas of what you can do with them.


P.S. Okay, it worked for a bit. I was a little distracted. Now I’m worried about the plans again! I need to get back to work!

I'm giving away a digital copy of DEATH OF AN IRISH DIVA. Just comment on this blog post. Say hello! Or tell me your favorite craft. A random winner will be drawn.

Mollie Cox Bryan is the author of the Agatha-award nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries and a bestselling Kindle-World romance novella THE BEEKEEPER'S BRIDE, A ST. HELENA VINEYARD KINDLE WORLD NOVELLA. She just released a new series: "Cora Crafts Mysteries." The first book is DEATH AMONG THE DOILIES. She's also penned a historical fiction: MEMORY OF LIGHT: AN AFTERMATH OF GETTYSBURG. 

"Cozy Mysteries with Edge. Romances with Slow, Sweet Burn."

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  1. Hi Cora, Thought you might be interested in this tidbit: My sister-in-law's last name was Schwallie. I did her ancestry chart and found out that her family had origins in Alsace-Lorraine, which alternated between German and French rule. When the Germans controlled it, her family was known as Schwallie, but when the French had control, it was Chevelier, which, of course, means a knight.

  2. My favorite thing to do that is a craft is paint pillow cases and bed sheets, tablecloths etc. Thank you for the chance the Title sounds wonderful...

  3. Hi Cora! My favorite craft is crocheting, however my last project (an afghan) was pretty much of a disaster because I was working on it while I was watching a very tense movie on TV and kept dropping stitches. By the end of the movie, my afghan looked like it had a mermaid tail. I had at least crocheted (sp?) enough of it that it was pretty big before I messed up, and I used chenille yarn and eyelash yarn on it, and it was really soft and usable (sort of). My next project will be to try to crochet an animal. Thanks for the giveaway hints.

  4. I'm not much of a craft person. I can sit for hours reading, but sitting to knit or such just doesn't appeal.

  5. Hello! Sorry, no favorite craft here. I'm terrible at them all!

  6. I really enjoy following the crafts on this page. Some of them are up my alley and some
    aren't. One I do enjoy is reading and this is another reason I follow this blog.

  7. I'm working on a quilt right now.

  8. My favorite craft is re-purposing old wood furniture with paint and stamps.

  9. I don't do much crafting anymore, but when I do, I will do some knitting.

  10. I think I might try going digital with the bullet journal.

  11. Mary Lynette MillerMarch 28, 2018 at 9:24 PM

    Hello Molly. I like to crochet and do embroidery. nettiem(at)toledote(dot)com

  12. I love to sew but haven't done as much lately. My eyes tire too easily to return to cross stitching and I would love to-learn knitting. ematov(at)comcast(dot)net

  13. Hello,
    I love to crochet and I also sew. Debby236 at gmail dot com

  14. Celia Fowler is my winner! I'll be contacting you soon!

  15. I love these type of cozies!