Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Daylight Saving Challenge

By Ruth Clagan, from the Clock Shop Mystery series by Julianne Holmes

I know that Daylight Saving Time is controversial for a lot of folks. Folks report being tired for a week. Accidents go up. Sure, it is lighter at the end of the day, but that was going to happen anyway. I can see both sides of the argument.

But let me tell you about Daylight Saving Time from the point of view of an clock maker, mainly me. Between folks over-winding or breaking the hands of their family heirlooms we get a steady stream of unhappy clock owners in the Cog & Sprocket. Then there are the long case house calls. Never mind the clock towers that have to be sprung ahead. You'd be surprised how many people don't want to wait until their scheduled appointment to have their clock tower showing accurate time. If you ask me, it says a lot about the folks running the building.

But the hardest part of DST for Caroline, Pat and I? That's easy. It's getting all of the clocks in the shop reset. We always try to get them synced, but that doesn't always work. There's usually one loses a minute a day, another one that gains. Over the course of a few months, we get used to that and make adjustments to our morning routine. But DST? Its an opportunity for all of the clocks to decide to have a new issue.

Now, from all of this you may suppose I hate DST. But you'd be wrong. Every few months, just when things are starting to get a little boring, I have to hone my skills, and get all the clocks in my life working again.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Julianne Holmes writes the Clock Shop Mystery series. J.A. Hennrikus writes the Theater Cop Series. You can find out more about the woman behind the names at JHAuthors.com, for follow @JHAuthors on Twitter or Instagram.


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  2. Although we all gripe a bit about DST, it is true that it shakes things up making us get our of the rut if for no other reason than to adjust to the new time. :)

  3. My daughter is not a big fan of time changes either. She has about 50 or so clocks and watches that she has to change!

  4. Move to Arizona! We do not observe daylight savings time! The entire state. Weird? Right! When I moved here many years ago, I wondered...can you really do that? Isn’t it illegal? But no...we can and do and it’s legal. No need to change clocks...just say “no!”