Friday, April 13, 2018


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I, Mae West, should've known that something was wrong when Paul, my husband, told me about a secret compartment in his sock drawer. 

He said, "Mae, if anything happens to me, go to the sock drawer."

When the FBI raided our upper Manhattan apartment in the middle of the night and seized everything we own, including our house in the Hamptons, clothes, and cars along with our fortune. Little did I know that my husband had been using his brokerage firm in a Ponzie scheme and had stolen millions from family and friends. 

Long story short, and a long RV drive to Normal, Kentucky...the much needed vacation at the Happy Trails Camp Ground, the only thing I owned that wasn't seized, where the brochure showed lush Kentucky Bluegrass and a lake with a beach to lay around on, turned out to be a run down, dried up, and mucky green lake that I wouldn't put a pet fish in. If things couldn't get worse, the citizens in Normal weren't exempt from Paul's bad business dealings and I was the last person they wanted to see.

But, with the little charm I had and the big ideas to bring the camp ground back to life and make Normal a tourist town, again, I gained a few friends. . .until. . .Paul broke out of prison and showed up dead in the lake. 

One problem, I didn't kill him. Someone beat me to it. I'm having a hard time convincing the charming and southern detective on the case, but I do have a few leads up my sleeve, not to mention learn how to manage a dilapidated camp ground. 

Oh...about that sock drawer, there was one-hundred thousand dollars hidden in that secret compartment. Things might be looking up... 

Until now, my idea of camping included room service. I'm learning a lot about voltage and amps along with camp food. Have you ever gone camping at a camp ground? What's a good tip for me?

Leave a comment and Tonya will donate a book to a library of your choice! Tonya will pick a winner in the morning!

Beaches, Bungalows, and Burglaries
Book One
Preorder today! Releases May 25th!

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky~ where nothing is normal. A Camper and Criminals Mystery Series is another brainchild of USA Today Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes. If you love her quirky southern characters and small town charm with a mystery to solve, you're going to love her new cozy mystery series!
Mae West, a far cry from the Hollywood actress, has been thrown for a loop. Her plush lifestyle in the big city of New York comes to a screeching halt after the FBI raids her mansion and arrests her husband, Paul West, for a Ponzi scheme that rips people out of millions of dollars.
Mae finds herself homeless, friendless, and penniless. All hope isn't lost. . .the only thing Mae got to keep that the government didn't seize is a tourist camp ground, Happy Trails, in Normal, Kentucky and an RV to live in. One problem, Mae's idea of camping has room service.
By the look of the brochure, Happy Trails has plush Kentucky Bluegrass, a crystal clear lake, a beach chair with her name on it and thoughts of how much money it could bring her after she sells it. Mae figures she'll take a couple weeks vacation with her toes dipped in the lake. Things aren't always as they appear. The Kentucky Bluegrass is nothing but dirt and the crystal clue lake is murky with green slime on top.
Mae quickly find out that Happy Trails and the citizens of Normal were also victims of Paul's schemes, making her lower than tha lake scum in the residents' eyes. Mae doesn't think things could get much worse, but as luck would have it, Paul West has escaped from prison and is found dead, murdered, floating in the Happy Trails mucky green lake.
Mae is the number one suspect on Detective Hank Sharp's short list. After all, Mae has the perfect motive as a kept wife who has been scorned to ashes, embarrassed to death, and seeking revenge.
Time is running out for Mae to prove that she's innocent and nothing like her husband. If only she could get someone to believe her and talk Detective Sharp into looking at other residents who've lost all their savings to Paul's Ponzie scheme before the curtain is closed on this Hollywood namesake.

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  1. I would nominate the Yankton Community Library, in Yankton,SD to receive a book. I would agree with Mae West, so often we see brochures that picture a beautiful beach that is clean and neat and you can't wait to get there. Upon arrival, you find it is nothing like the brochure.

  2. When my son was little we would go camping a lot. Our favorite place was Gettysburg in the Fall. Once on the way home, I think we stayed at Happy Trails "long lost PA cousin". Shuttering just thinking about the place.
    My tip would be, always make sure you have the right size batteries for flash lights and lanterns. Oh, and meat cooked over a wood fire tastes great.
    The South Branch of the Muskingum County Library would love a book! Thanks!

  3. Went camping a couple of times and had bad experiences. I no longer want to time had porcupine come in tent. Make sure to close all zippers. Another time my daughter was a baby and it rained that afternoon, she was not happy camper.
    My library is Matheson Memorial Library in Elkhorn,wisconsin

  4. The Gladbrook Public Library in Gladbrook, Iowa would love to win this book & all of your other ones. Thanks for the chance to win this for my library. doward1952(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. This is going to be an epic series! Epic! Warren county public library in Bowling Green Kentucky definitely needs to carry all the books. Just saying. All the Kappes books. Sherylhbooth @ gmail . Com

  6. I would like to nominate Blue Ridge Regional library in Martinsville Virgina because they a large library system that has suffered many budget cutbacks. But work hard to try and make sure we have the books we love.

  7. Paula Jacobson
    I would love for Fergus Falls Public Library to win one of your books. I love the library. It's my favorite place to go. jsjacobson(at)prtel(dot)com

  8. The Niles Public Library in Niles, IL in appreciation for helping me fill in the gaps in my personal library of your Ghostly Southern Mystery series. I'd request you send it Beaches, Bungalows, and Burglaries so I can check it out.

  9. I would love to donate to the library that is across the street from my friend who comes and gets me every Wed. The library is fairly new and small and has not many books that i am looking for. This would help them out to get a good book in there! Thank you so much for doing this during the library week. We went to a restaurant that we go to every Wed and if you had a library card they would give you a free appetizer so I think a book is better! Peggy Clayton

  10. My library is great. So many activities for every age group, a book sale every month. I think they deserve to receive a book. Thank you for doing this for which ever library you choose.

  11. Karen W. JohnstonApril 13, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    I would like to nominate the Waveland Public Library in Waveland Mississippi.

  12. I donate all of my books to my library (Thompson Lane branch Nashville Public Library). My little librarian usually takes them home to read first, lol. Thanks for the chance to give them another book. kayt18 (at) comcast (dot) net

  13. I love the sound of this book. My library, the St. Paul Public Library) isn't carrying your books so it would be great for them to start. Thanks for the chance to remedy that. ematov(at)comcast(dot)net

  14. Oh, I am so excited for this series!! Eeek. :D I'll nominate the library I work at: Bellaire Public Library in Bellaire, OH.

    brookeb811 at

  15. Campfire Apple Pies - Spread a layer of apple pie filling between two oatmeal cookies. Wrap in foil and place on the grill until heated through. Unbelievably good!

  16. Marion county public library system.

  17. I'd put Sumner Public Library down for winning your book!

  18. I can't wait to read this, camping is so much fun, but bring rain gear... I have a wonderful Library in an huge old building with marble staircase and a glass floor. It even has beautiful Tiffany windows. We are located in upstate Troy, New York, the Troy Public Library, so winter takes a toll and budget gets less and less and they love getting donated books and would love yours...thank you for the chance to win. dianetelford at hotmail dot com

  19. We love to make s'mores and take our grandchildren camping.

  20. Virgil & Josephine Gordon Memorial Library.. nani_geplsc(at)yahoo(dot)com