Saturday, April 7, 2018

Adventures in the library

by J.J. Tanner from the Dinner Club Mysteries by Linda Wiken

I’m often in our local public library but I’d never thought to look for our Dinner Club Mysteries before. And, there they were, all three of them. I’m so delighted the series is available in our branch in Half Moon Bay, anyway. Now, our food adventures, and our sleuthing skills, can be shared with all readers. I know I should feel more humble about all this but I’m just so excited. I want to spread the word.

Of course, I’m a big supporter of libraries and have been since I was a child. I thank my parents for that. I spent many hours lost in a book, slumped in a chair in the kids section. It was a regular weekly visit and I’ve continued that tradition, as best I can, to this day. That’s also where my love of mysteries started, reading Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew.

I guess that’s where I got hooked on cookbooks also because, just between us, my Mom wasn’t much of a cook. Of course, her meals were always well-balanced and nutritious, but not very creative. I remember the first time I walked past the display of cookbooks at the library. Those covers set my mouth watering and once I peered inside, it just kept getting better.

So, here’s to libraries and to everyone who uses them! See you between the covers.

To celebrate National Library Week, I'm having a draw for any book of your choice in the Dinner Club Mysteries, to be sent to your local public library. I'm thinking, smaller regional libraries in particular. So if you'd like to submit your library's name, just add your email addy and I'll make the draw tomorrow at 6 PM.

  Book #3, MARINATING IN MURDER is here!

Find Book #2 in the Dinner Club Mysteries at your favorite bookstore or online.

The first book in the Dinner Club Mystery series is available at the bookstore of your choice, and on-line; also as an e-book.

Writing as Erika Chase:

Look for A KILLER READ,  (#2 on the Barnes and Noble Mystery Bestseller List and an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Mystery),  READ AND BURIED, COVER STORY, BOOK FAIR AND FOUL, and LAW AND AUTHOR on-line or at your favorite bookstore.


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  1. We are a small town of less than 3,000 population and we are the county seat. :) I would like to submit Stone County Library in Mountain View, AR.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Here's to libraries, be they large or small.
    Our local library had so much activity they had to build another one nearby to handle it all!
    libbydodd at comcast dot net

  3. our library needs to add on its very popular.

  4. Your books are already in residence at my library.

  5. I want to nominate my small town (900+) library to receive the first book in the series. We are just now adding cozies to the collection & this would be great. Gladbrook Public Library, Gladbrook, Iowa 50635. doward1952(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. Our local library (the one I worked at for 20 years as a custodian) is the Madison, Jefferson County Public library. The stories I could tell you. Anyway, this library continues to grow and reaches out to the littler towns in our county. jluebke(at)frontier(dot)com

  7. Just wanted to add that this is Jefferson County, Indiana.