Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Be Patient

by Nigel
from the Revenge Is Sweet, first book in the upcoming Vintage Sweets series by Kaye George
(formerly known as Janet Cantrell, the Fat Cat author)

Be patient! Tally tells me that when she’s taking FOREVER to dish up my din-din. She also tells me that when she’s taking minute after minute to retrieve my toys from under the couch. I can’t help it that they go there. All by themselves.

She’s not annoying like that all the time, though. I mean, at least she feeds me and scoops my box to make it nice and clean, and also makes sure I have toys to play with. Most of the time I can get a spot in her lap when she sits. Not when she’s eating, but most other times. She makes a funny sound when I jump into her lap. Oof! It seems she considers me a heavy-weight. Ha! She should have seen my mother. Mama Cat was big, even for a Maine Coon. I’m about twenty pounds, average, I'm told.*

There’s one thing I’m having a VERY hard time being patient with, and that’s my debut! I want to spring at you and let you read about Tally’s adventures. I promise you that as soon as we know when our book is coming out from Lyrical Press, either Tally or I, or maybe Cole or Yolanda will let you know right here!