Saturday, April 28, 2018

Guest Post from Cora's Librarian Boyfriend

By Adrain Brisbane (Cora's Boyfriend)
Macrame Murder
Cora Crafts Mysteries
By Mollie Cox Bryan

It’s no secret how crazy I am about Indigo Gap's reigning queen of crafts, Cora Chevalier. She loves her crafts and more than that, she truly believes in the therapeutic nature of the crafts for some folks. She loves to inspire and ignite ideas and open new worlds to her retreaters. We really bonded over this idea of opening new worlds to people. She believes that crafts can change people and I know books can, too. That’s my favorite part of my job. 
I’m a librarian at the local elementary school I’m not kidding when I say I’ve seen books save lives. Oh not in the fancy "super hero way." But in the quiet, mindful circling of ideas, characters, stories. The way it can seep into young minds and make them believe in MORE. Ideas have a way of working in through books, don’t they? It can be a sneaky thing where a child thinks they are reading a story for entertainment. And they are--but they are also learning about new worlds, relationships, vocabulary, and reading also gives kids sparks of creativity. 
Hence the popularity of fan fiction. Some fanfiction writers grow up to be writers, I think that’s pretty cool. I try to remember what I’m really here for everyday, in my little library. It’s not about pleasing my boss, keeping the cleanest, most organized library, or knowing the teachers and students like me, although that stuff helps. It’s about handing over the magic that lies in each book to a child. Some of my friends have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, and financial tycoons. And I can honestly say I don’t regret my choice to become a children’s librarian. Not at all. I’m not sure if any of my friends get up each morning loving their jobs. I do. And so does my girl, Cora.

Mollie Cox Bryan writes cozy mysteries with edge and romances with slow, sweet burn. She’s just published the third book in her new Cora Crafts Mystery Series: Macrame Murder. The first book in the series, Death Among the Doilies,  was selected as "Fresh Fiction Not to Miss" and was a  finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award. The second book, No Charm Intended, was named a “Summer 2017 Top 10 Beach Read” by Woman's World. She also wrote the Agatha-award nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries. Several of the books the series were short-listed for the Virginia Library People's Choice Award. She makes her home at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., where she works as web designer and writes in the early morning hours. Visit her and sign up for her newsletter at Or follow her on Twitter @molliecoxbryan, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.  


  1. I keep meaning to start this series and keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder of what sounds to be a good one