Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lovin' Libraries!

by Casey Daniels and Kylie Logan . . . because both their characters are taking the week off!

Next week (April 8-15)  is National Library Week, and we here at Killer Characters are celebrating all through the month of April.  Some of my fellow authors have decided to have you, our readers, help decide where books should be donated.  There will be new libraries chosen all month long and our Killer Characters authors will send books out to them.

For my part, I decided to do something a little different.  I’d like to point out that while most of us think “public” when we think libraries, there are a lot of hidden libraries, too.

They come in all shapes and sizes.  For instance, here in northeast Ohio where both Casey and Kylie live, we have the Shaker Height Library, the Rocky River Library, and the Westlake Library in various suburbs of Cleveland.  These systems are independent and not affiliated with either the Cleveland Public Library or the Cuyahoga County Library system which serves the entire county.

But there are other libraries all around us, too.  You may have seen Little Free Libraries around your town, places people can leave books and take books.  Our local Little Free Library is outside a Subway sandwich shop.

In honor of this month’s celebration, I decided to donate books to another kind of library, the one at a local assisted living facility.  These are large-print copies of some of my League of Literary Ladies mysteries.  Something tells me large print is exactly what residents here are looking for!

So this month, as we’re honoring and supporting libraries, don’t forget to pay attention.  You might be surprised at the libraries all around you.


  1. Love your idea about libraries at assisted living venues. Large print copies are perfect! Don’t forget bookmobiles. Pima county library system in Tucson is a large system, but they also sponsor a bookmobile that travels to underserved areas. Everyone loves new books! Thanks!

    1. Good suggestions! So many ways and places a book can help.

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  3. What a great place to donate! There aren't many 'little libraries' near me, but they are always so cute.

  4. They are cute. I've seen plans online for building one. Our street is too busy. Not a good thing for people to stop and get a book!