Saturday, April 21, 2018

More Than One Kind of Library

By: Hannah Moore
Title: Muffin to Fear
From: Merry Muffin Mysteries
By: Victoria Hamilton
Website: Victoria Hamilton Mysteries

My name is Hannah Moore. For those who don't know, I am wheelchair bound, and always have been. Living in a small town (Autumn Vale, NY) there weren't many resources available to a kid in a wheelchair. I did attend school some of my youth, but I was homeschooled mostly. I had a few friends, and my Mom made sure they visited often, and we did crafts and other fun stuff together.

But still... did I envy the other kids, who could run and play and most of all, go to school together? Sure I did. My parents have always done the best they could, but they couldn't give me legs that worked.

However, they could - and did - give me books. There was no library in Autumn Vale back then, but my Mom and Dad took me to book fairs, second hand book stores, garage sales, and church sales... the ones that were wheelchair accessible, anyway. I had a vast collection by the time I was ten or twelve. My Dad always had time to build me more bookcases.

Then one day I thought, why can't Autumn Vale have a library? I did research, I applied for grants, I hit up local businesses for donations, I asked a local property owner to donate space, and... I've done it! From being a shy booknerd afraid to talk to anyone, building a library has transformed me into someone who can speak to anyone about anything. I have my degree, I'm working on an advanced degree and... I'm doing it all for the love of libraries!

Some may think the Autumn Vale Community Library is dingy; it's tucked away in a place on a sidestreet and the windows are high up. But... my personal philosophy is that a library should never be too grand, or too bright, or too modern. It should be a little shabby and have some dark corners. It should welcome all who feel that there is no place for them. (Like our local eccentric, my friend Isadore) There is a place for everybody in our library.

And that leads me to say... there are many kinds of libraries, in hospitals and senior centers, nursing homes and coffee shops. There are little libraries on folks' front lawns. There are libraries all around us. People love them so much last week was National Library Week!!

So... what libraries do YOU use? Or... tell me your library memories!



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And now... a Library Giveaway!!

 Good day, all! I will be giving, to the library of your choice - and that can be a nursing home library, senior center library or any small town or city library - an assortment of a few of my Merry Muffin Mystery books.

Please, in the comments, tell me what library you'd like the books for, and why they could use them. Leave me your name and an email where I can reach you (yourname at yourserver dot com)  and enter by Midnight, April 23rd!! Canada and the US only, please!

Good Luck, EVERYONE!


  1. Newfane Local Library is a small community library. The newest project is local author day- they hold events where authors can meet the public, sell their books. In return, they ask for the donation of a book. That way, they can expand the offerings and help people expand their horizons. Would love to add this to the collection. Cheers (at) Marjimmanor 9dot) com.

  2. Love for my local library to be able to carry these books. Laramie County Library Systrms of Cheyenne, Wy. Seems that cozies are high demand but selection is limited.

  3. I would like the Charlotte County Library System in Port Charlotte, FL to have these wonderful books as they do not carry very many cozy mysteries. If there is a book that I want to read they never have it and I have to submit a request for them to buy it. They will only do that for recent books though. Thank you for this very generous offer to help libraries.

  4. Westerville Library could use them because they don't always have a lot of cozy mysteries available. Thanks for the chance to give them to my library. I love libraries!

  5. Mt. Vernon Towers, a retirement community in Sandy Springs, GA, where my wonderful 101 year old mother-in-law lives, has a small library and many of the residents enjoy and love cozies. rebarger(at)bellsouth(dot)net

  6. Hickory Public Library in Hickory, North Carolina.
    Their cozy mystery selection is really small so I would love for them to be able to offer a few more.

    Thanks so much for the chance!
    jackielizn (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Fairborn Branch of the Greene County Public Library, Fairborn, Ohio. They don't have any of your books at this point. Thanks for the chance!

    eeyoregirl2009 (at) aol (dot) com.

  8. I use our public library in town. It's a new thing for us but we have fun when we go.

  9. The Eckhart Public Library in Auburn, Indiana is my choice. It had a horrific fire last July. It was a historic building with a new addition. All the books and everything was ruined by the soot. Anyway, the library has gone on without the building, thanks to being able to get books from other libraries in part. It was projected to be restored by October, but now, it looks like sometime in 2019. I grew up with this library. It was a cozy, safe place. They could sure use books now.

  10. I have loved libraries since I was a child. Now I rely on library-by-mail in Glen Burnie MD. Such nice librarians for whom it is never too much trouble to try to find a book I want.

    Thank you for your generous gift to some lucky library.

  11. My library is the Horsham Township Public Library in Horsham PA. While it has a nice selection, it could use more cozies.
    It is part of a selection of libraries that combine their catalogs with others to get you most anything. They have a van that travels between libraries picking up and delivering requested books.

  12. My local library was so well used that they decided to build another branch nearby.
    I believe both branches are quite actively used.
    West Boca Branch Palm Beach County, FL
    libbydodd at comcast dot net

  13. I have been using the Chicopee library since I was around 7 and now I am 70! I love that our libraries in Western Massachusetts share so that if my library does not ha e a book I can put on hold from another one and they deliver it to my library. Thank you for this chance to get some books for my library.

  14. I would like to give them to my local small town library, Martin Memorial Library in Williamston, N.C. They're a small library and I'm sure would very much appreciate having new books for the local people to check out. lclee59(at)centurylink(dot)net

  15. My library is the Howard Beach branch of the Queens County Libraries in Queens NY. I donate almost 100 books a year to them. I bring them unread books that don't interest me and once read books whose authors I don't collect. All of them are placed into circulation and helps stretch out their yearly budget.

    NoraAdrienne (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I love my local public library - Wolcott Public Library, In times of budget cuts, they can use the help.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  17. I would love to have our Gladbrook Public Library in Gladbrook, Iowa win this wonderful prize. We are a small town of 900+ & are just now getting cozies added to our collection. All the books I have been gifted or won have been given to them & now we are having a Silent Auction next month to raise money for new carpet, redoing an empty room into a craft & book club area & adding more cozies. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. doward1952(at)yahoo(dot)com

  18. My library is the Highland Park branch of the St. Paul Public Library in St. Paul, MN. Thanks for the chance. ematov(at)comcast(dot)net

  19. I would like the small library here in town to have them, this is small town with limited resources. They only have older cozy mysteries like this. Lawrence County Public Library, Lawrenceburg,TN. Thanks for the giveaway Georgia
    queenvictoria50 (at) aol (dot) com

  20. Ashtabula County District Library, 4335 Park Ave., Ashtabula, OH 44004-5907 is our local library. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. Many libraries enjoy receiving bookmarks to give to patrons when checking out books. robeader53(at)yahoo(dot)com

  21. Thank you everyone for entering! The winner is the Gladbrook Public Library of Gladbrook, Iowa! And thank you all for supporting your local library.