Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Seven Sinister Sisters' Characters

Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day here. The Seven Sinister Sisters are on a blog tour and we're giving away books! We are seven authors with new books coming out this winter and spring, and we've been guest blogging all over cyberspace since January. You can see where we've been and where we're still scheduled on our Facebook page. Leave a comment here today to enter our grand giveaway!

In  addition, National Library Week is this month and we're celebrating libraries all month long, so I personally will send a copy of a Biscuits and Slashed Browns audio book to one lucky commenter's public library. Please add that info to your comment.

I asked each of their protagonists this question: Who helps you the most when you're trying to solve a murder, and how do they help? Here are our answers in no particular order:

Shawn McGuire's Jayne O’Shea from the Whispering Pines Mysteries:
Honestly, the victim helps me a lot. I try to put myself in the victim’s head and see the events just before the moment of death. Are these “visions” always accurate? No. They help me ask the right questions, though. Sometimes, if I get stuck, I’ll talk through things with my friends Tripp or Morgan. They’re help me when I’m not seeing the obvious signs or need to look at something differently. They tend to ask the questions I’m not asking. Also, there’s my canine partner in crime-solving. Meeka uncovers a lot!

Sue Star's Nell Letterly from the Nell Lettery Mysteries:
The kid, of course.  My daughter is fifteen and a half, going on thirty, you know the type?  She figures her growing is all done, and heck, what can I possibly teach her except the proper form for a reverse punch?  She reminds me constantly that I’m not as good with my head as I am on my feet, and I let her think she’s right.  Anyway, she’s read all the Sherlock books and watched all the shows on TV, and she’s a whiz on the computer, finding out stuff for me. The kid’s a goldmine of information.

Pat Hale's Britt Callahan from the Cole and Callahan PI series:
Durable Goods has me, Britt Callahan PI, working alone when I infiltrate a sex-trade organization to find a missing girl. Initially, I have my cell phone and can communicate with my partner, but after a vile night spent drowned in vodka, I lose my phone and my nerve. When I’m trafficked to Canada, I know there’s no way Griff will find me. My survival depends on maintaining my cover as one of “the girls.” I’m my only hope. I have to-outwit my captors, find Kira and get us both out.

Becky Clark's Charlemagne "Charlee" Russo from the Mystery Writer's Mysteries:
Geez, nobody ever helps me. I'm what Becky would call a "reluctant hero." I get dropped into bizarre situations like a hockey puck at face-off. I always have to go it alone. Although, come to think of it, AmyJo helped me go on that stake-out. And Ozzi my boyfriend stocks my fridge with healthy and junk food. And Lavar and Tuttle hardly ever charge me for coffee and my daily muffin. I couldn't investigate my way out of a kindergartner's backpack without caffeine. And my brother Lance the cop almost always takes my calls. But, nope, nobody ever helps me.

Leslie Karst's Sally Solari from the Sally Solari Mysteries:
Gosh, it’s varied somewhat over the past three murders I’ve helped solve (and how the heck have I ended up involved in three murders, I’d like to know). But if I had to pick one person, it would have to be my ex-boyfriend/current best pal, Eric. His skepticism keeps me honest with myself, and he’s a sharp analytical thinker. Oh yeah, and he’s also been known to slip me the occasional inside intel from the District Attorney’s office where he works as an assistant DA (but promise not to tell his boss, okay?).

Cathy Perkins's Holly Price from the Holly Price Mystery series: 
Being back in my hometown—even temporarily—still surprises me. I left this place years ago after hitting the big-leagues in Seattle. But here I am, helping out my family, keeping too many balls spinning.  When disaster strikes, I’m glad I reconnected with my best friend, Laurie Gordon. She’s my wingman, confident and sounding board for helping friends and family with whatever mess they’ve gotten into. I can tell you who doesn’t help me solve mysteries, though. JC Dimitrak. If that man tells me to keep my nose out of his investigation one more time, I’ll…I’ll…Well, I’ll think of something appropriate. Maybe something with a llama. I hear they spit.

Edith Maxwell's Rose Carroll from the Quaker Midwife Mysteries:
Detective Kevin Donovan helps me a great deal these days. He was more reluctant when I first met him, but now he's willing to share information as long as I tell him what I know, as well. My quirky delightful friend Bertie Winslow provides a constant sounding board, and sometimes good ideas, too. And she convinces me to go out and have fun with her to take my mind off the case.

Readers: Who helps you out when you're trying to solve a sticky problem?  (Please remember to include your coded email address so we can reach you, and the name of your local library, too.)

Our next stop on the tour is April 12 on the Midnight Ink blog. Here's where you can find each of us in the meantime:

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    Clowning taught me patience (anyone that’s worked with or around very small children or the very elderly know what I’m talking about), anything worth doing is worth doing right (considering it takes about 3 hours to do makeup and dress before an event but the results are well worth it), how to overcome fears (not mine but folks who fear clowns), how to pack the most in the least space (packed all the clown clothes, makeup kits, 18 inch shoes, balloon and face makeup gear, magic trips and props, 18 inch motorcycle, ¼ size clown truck, plus our personal needs all into a Sonoma pick-up truck) the value of true friendships (when you bump a nose with a fellow clown it’s a friendship for life) to name just a few.

    Thank you for this opportunity to both myself and hometown public library – The Stone County Library in Mountain View, AR.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

    1. Thanks, Kay. Sorry, I changed the question on you! I had the wrong one, but your reply to it counts as an entry.

  2. I am drinking coffee this morning and then I read Becky’s comment , “I couldn't investigate my way out of a kindergartner's backpack without caffeine.” Just about lost my own caffeine from my mouth. Thanks to everyone for letting us readers know who helps you during the mystery. These comments are insightful, funny and entertaining to read.

    My favorite library is the Warren county public library here in Bowling Green Kentucky. They are amazing, awesome and save us all from eternal boredom in this wonderful town. They also have three locations to serve the people all over the community. I love it that they spread the book love.

    1. Bowling Green! That was a fun escape destination for me way back when I used to live in southern Indiana.

    2. Sheryl - your library is the winner! I'll be contacting them about donating my audio book.

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  5. I talk to my Sister about everything. She helps me see things from a different point of view and to figure things out. It's always good to get a second opinion on sticky situations.

  6. If I were an engineer, I wouldn't need anyone's help. (They are the ones who are supposed to ignore directions, right?)
    My library is the West Boca Branch of the Palm Beach County library system

    libbydodd at comcast dot net(

    1. My hubby is an engineer. He's great at figuring things out, but he's smart enough to know when to ask for help :) (Then again, he's also my go to source for "what would a guy say in this situation...")

  7. The answer to that question is variable dependent on the situation. For some, my dearest friend who lives in another state. We have very similar thought patterns and standards. For others, my youngest, young adult, daughter. She has maturity beyond her age and can think rationally.
    My favorite library is Worth Library in Worth, Illinois. Our library is small, but very used friendly. Our daughter helps with the Friends of the Library Board. servedogmom ATyahooDOTcom

    1. You're so right - it does depend on the situation. Fortunately, I only have to deal with murder and mayhem on the page - but I have a great network to ask for help!

  8. My friend, Theresa, usually helps me out of sticky situations. My favorite library is the Sumner Branch of the Pierce County Library in WA State. Thanks for a chance to win! Love your books!! ljbonkoski@yahoo.com

  9. My boyfriend is my go to for sticky situations.
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  10. I enjoyed learning about who helps each of you. My mom is great for bouncing ideas off. She knows when to listen & when to offer advice. My library is the Tigard Public Library in Tigard, Oregon.

  11. I rely upon my daughter a great deal. Good thing she is so clever.

    Toowoomba Regional Library


  12. Now that I'm retired, I usually talk things out with my hubby when I need help solving something. ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  13. I talk to my cats Tillie and Theo! If really desperate, I'll chat with my husband!LOL! Chicago Public Library kim7corn (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. Depending on the issue, it is either my daughter or my husband. My local library is Newfane Public Library. Cheers (at) Marjimmanor (dot) com

  15. mom

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  16. I either call my best friend, husband or father in law, depending on the issue! My local library is the Excelsior Public Library.