Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gardens in Wales...by the Dowager Duchess of Chellingworth

Hello there - my name is Althea Twyst, and I'm the Dowager Duchess of Chellingworth. I'm so pleased to have the chance to talk to you again, and I'm going to use the opportunity to speak about a subject close to my heart - gardens. 

May is a wonderful month to visit a beautiful garden, and here in Wales we're blessed with more than a few worth visiting. 

Aberglasney Garden
 Aberglasney is a delightful example. It's in Carmarthen, in South West Wales, which is where a good friend of mine was raised; Carol Hill is one of the four women who run the WISE Enquiries Agency in a converted barn on the Chellingworth Estate, and she - along with her three private investigator colleagues - have solved some puzzling cases hereabouts. 

Of course, Carol was raised on a local farm, not in a mansion like Aberglasney, and now she's settled in a rather pleasant Georgian house in overlooking the village green in nearby Anwen-by-Wye.  Her infant son, Albert, is quite a cuddly little chap. 
The Mansion House, at Aberglasney

 There are some lovely places in South East Wales too, and I think my favorite there is Dyffryn Gardens.
The formal garden, at Dyffryn Gardens
The whole thing belongs to the National Trust nowadays, so I'm sure a lot of people visit.
The Pompeian garden at Dyffryn Gardens
Powis Castle is in mid-Wales; they have some lovely vistas, and it's a wonderful place to plan for a good walk.

Powis Castle and Gardens

 So, have I inspired you? Why not find out more about the wonderful gardens of Wales...maybe you'll even consider visiting Chellingworth Hall one day.

To find out more about these gardens, here are some links: 

Aberglasney Gardens: http://aberglasney.org/
Dyffryn Gardens: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyffryn-gardens
Powis Castle and Gardens: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/powis-castle-and-garden 

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  1. Gorgeous gardens! Thank you for the information and I will be researching them.

  2. The gardens are beautiful, and I hope to have the opportunity to visit them some day!

  3. Beautiful gardens! Also a wonderful book (Case of the Unsuitable Suitor) that I'd love the opportunity to read so I could get to know you, Althea Twyst, all the better ! :)
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. I love looking at gardens. Thanks for the link