Friday, June 22, 2018

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Today we're being joined by a host of characters from Cathy Ace's anthology Murder Keeps No Calendar. It's now available on KOBO and through bookstores, or ready for your library to order.

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Hello there, my name is Cait Morgan and I’m a professor of criminal psychology. I’m originally from Wales, but now I live in Canada and teach at the University of Vancouver. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the three tales I’ve told in this book about some puzzling deaths I’ve been looking into. They’re all what people who read mystery books call “traditional, closed circle” cases…or, as I think of them, good old “whodunnits”!

There are now eight books in the Cait Morgan Mysteries series


Welcome, please come in. My name’s Mavis, and my colleagues Christine, Carol and Annie will be along in a minute. Who? Oh yes, my friend the dowager duchess of Chellingworth, Althea, will join us presently. How about a cuppa while we wait? The kettle just boiled. We operate out of this lovely old building as the WISE Enquiries Agency, and we can investigate anything you like –so long as it’s legal. How did we meet? Well, that’s an interesting story….

there are now four books in the WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries series

Good day to you all. Detective Inspector Evan Glover here, of the West Glamorgan Police Service. Now don’t go jumping to conclusions – I’m not one of those British policemen who drinks like a fish, drives a fancy car, has a dark personal history, or even a secret problem in my life. I’m just a normal, decent human being who believes I can do some good while I’m here on the face of this earth. Well, I suppose I do have a bit of a weakness for crunching strong peppermints, but that’s it when it comes to quirks. I hope you enjoy reading about a couple of cases I’ve worked on recently. Both involved murder, but that wasn’t immediately apparent; indeed, in one instance I was only advised of the fact some considerable time after the incident. In each case the victim was…no, I won’t say too much. I’ll allow you to reach your own conclusions. Suffice it to say I’m rather glad I’ve recently started to discuss my work at home, with my wife Betty. 

Bracelet Bay in Mumbles - part of DI Evan Glover's "beat"

Hi, glad to know you. Sharon Taylor here. Sorry, I’m not the chatty type, which means I’m glad I live where I do, on acreage half way up a little mountain in British Columbia, though I guess I wish my husband Dominic hadn’t insisted we were in such a remote spot. Dominic? Ah yes, maybe I’ll tell you a bit about him. I have to admit he didn’t turn out to be the kind of guy I thought he was…

Sunrise, from Sharon Taylor's garden

Aye, nice to meet you. Doug Rossi’s the name, and running a chip shop in South West Scotland’s the game. If you fancy it, you can come along with me when I pop over to Florence in Italy for a wee while. You see, I just won a bit of money on the lottery, so I’m going to give myself a treat. Who knows what will happen when I’m there – maybe not much, or maybe I’ll have an adventure. Come along with me to find out, why don’t you?

The beauty of Florence, with a dash of death!

Oh gosh, hello there. Come on in and make yourself comfy – I’ll bring you a nice pot of tea and a couple of teacakes in a minute. I’m Edna Sweet and this is my place – The Sweet Old Tea Shoppe. It’s been my life’s ambition to have a place like this, and now here I am…living my dream in a little village in Oxfordshire. Yes, it’s so lovely here, and I'm even daring to hope there's a bit of romance in the air. But you never quite know what people are thinking do you? Not until you overhear them talking about it in your tea shop, that is.

You never know what you'll overhear when you're enjoying a cuppa and a cake

In MURDER KEEPS NO CALENDAR you'll find twelve 'killer' tales, each connected with one month of the year! For those who already know Cathy Ace's characters Cait Morgan and Bud Anderson - or the women of the WISE Enquiries Agency - this collection of novellas and short stories will bring the delight of finding out how they met their 'significant others' and began their murderous adventures. For those discovering this award-winning author for the first time, you're in for a treat...with twelve tales of intrigue and murder to enjoy, two of which have already been produced for BBC Radio 4. These stories take you on journeys to Wales, China, Canada, Scotland, Italy and England...where you'll meet unforgettable characters who all have something in common - MURDER!

Cathy Ace writes the Cait Morgan Mysteries and the WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries.Find out more about Cathy and all her characters here: 


  1. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to reading your stories!

  2. Lots of characters and their stories sound intriguing.

    1. So pleased you like the sound of it ��

  3. My apologies for the late reply - I DID reply on the day of the post, but the reply doesn't seem to have "taken"! Thanks for your comment, Eileen A-W...I'm so pleased that you like the sound of the book :-)

  4. My apologies for the late reply - I DID reply on the day of the post, but the reply doesn't seem to have "taken"! Thanks for your comment Jana - I hope you get to meet them all :-)

  5. A unique book and interesting story. Best of everything.

  6. Best of everything with your unique and interesting release.