Saturday, June 9, 2018

My Sister?

by Deputy Donut, the cat from the Deputy Donut Mysteries by Ginger Bolton

I think I have a sister! We're both cats, we look alike, and we have the same last name--Donut. My first name is Deputy. Hers is Pawfficer.

We both work hard with our humans. Every day, I go to a donut shop that is named Deputy Donut, after me! I stay in the office while my personal servant, Emily, and her father-in-law, Tom, make and serve donuts and coffee. Humans seem to love those things. I 'm a little skeptical about calling them food, but there's a lot about humans that seems a little kitty-cornered, if you know what I mean.

Tom was once police chief, and Emily was once a 911 operator. They have lots of friends and customers who are police officers.

However, Pawfficer Donut actually works in a police department! Hers is in Troy, Michigan. She was sworn in by judges and everything! You can find out all about it and see her pictures (she's very cute, like me) in this article from MLive: What Pawfficer Donut of the Troy PD has been up to on National Donut Day

Did you see that? National Donut Day!

I was busy that day, too, looking after the office at Deputy Donut and rearranging my toys on my kitty playground of catwalks and ramps near the ceiling.

Both of us are more talented than many cats. We can walk on leashes.

You've probably heard that cats don't always get along with each other, but I'm certain that Pawfficer and I could have lots of fun chasing each other around my ramps, carpeted trees, and catwalks. Do you think Pawfficer might like to come to Fallingbrook, Wisconsin, some day and play with me? I mean, help me do my job? She'd fit right in with all the other police officers here.

I'll tell you a little secret--police officers eat and drink other things besides donuts and coffee. Sometimes they visit Emily and me at home, eat fish, and give me little tastes. Yum!

Deputy Donut, Dep for short, does what she can to help Emily Westhill solve a mystery in Survival of the Fritters. Dep will again be featured in Goodbye Cruller World, in stores August 28 and available for pre-order now.

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  1. What a lucky police department! I am sure Pawfficer will do a purrfect job! I am waiting to see what new adventures you and your humans get into in the new book!

    1. (This is really from Dep): Those police officers are clever to get some feline help doing their work, aren't they? I promise you that I will continue to be an excellent assistant at our donut shop and in any extracurricular activities that Emily might get herself into.

  2. Love you, Dep! Hope you & Pawsiffer get to visit together some day soon.

    1. (This is really from Dep): Thank you! Me, too.