Monday, June 18, 2018

Sometimes Practicality Wins

by Dr. Reed Storme, veterinarian at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, featured in the Barkery & Biscuits Mysteries by Linda O. Johnston

Hi, everyone.  This is Dr. Reed Storme again.  I don't blog here very often but felt I had to this month.

You see, last time I was here I expressed my concerns about Carrie Kennersly, a veterinary technician who works part-time at the Knobcone Heights Veterinary Clinic, where I'm a veterinarian.  She also owns two bake shops here in town, Icing on the Cake, where she sells baked goods for people, and Barkery and Biscuits next door, where she sells dog treats made from recipes she mostly developed while at our clinic.

She loves dogs, as I do.  She's also very special to me.  Which is why, in my last post here which was quite a while ago, I let everyone know about my concerns for her.  You see, she's also solved several murders in our small town of Knobcone Heights, which means she sometimes puts herself into danger.  That worries me.  I really do care about her.

I've even told her, more than once, to stay away from attempting to figure out who the murderers have been, for her own safety.  Does she listen?  She never appears to, but that doesn't keep me from trying.

But... well, in the latest book about her, Pick and Chews... I wound up being the person the cops suspect most as the killer.  

Did I do it?  No, of course not. My telling the authorities that doesn't help, though, so this time, when Carrie gets involved, I tell her to be careful, but I don't tell her not to try to figure it out.  At least that's not what I tell her at first.  That's not practical under the circumstances.  I get very concerned about her safety, though, as time, and her investigation, continues.

Carrie is very smart, fortunately, and she is somewhat careful.  Even so...

Well, I'm not going to tell you what happens. 

PICK AND CHEWS, the fourth Barkery & Biscuits Mystery by Linda O. Johnston, was a May 2018 release from Midnight Ink. 


  1. Absolutely adorable cover! I can't wait for the opportunity to read the book. Good to hear from Dr. Reed Storme again. :)
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Thank you, Kay Garrett. Difficult situation, but I hope you enjoy the book.
    --Reed Storme

  3. It's a good thing Carrie has experience solving those murders, so that she can help you out, Reed.

  4. I know you're right, Jana Leah B, but I hate to see her get involved, put herself in danger...
    --Reed Storme

  5. Love the cover. I hope Carrie is careful, once again as she solves this case. Looking forward to reading this one.

    1. Fortunately, Carrie does tend to be careful. Thanks for the compliment and hope you enjoy reading the book.
      --Reed Storme