Friday, June 15, 2018

What next?

I’m just shaking my head.  What a time for a murder to happen!  The universe is a really strange place.  Just when everything’s coming together for me and the band.  I mean, I’m not crazy about slaving away at my day job at Meyers Dade & Schultz LLP but it pays the bills.  I don’t mind it.  The attorneys are pretty much jerks, but at least I have money to buy the musical equipment I need for my real career.  

I'm Dani by the way.  Dani Nichols.  See, I play bass.  A lot of guys don’t appreciate women who keep a solid rhythm in a band, but I love my instrument and I’m a really good player. 
So . . . our band finally gets a gig at Stoned, one of the hottest clubs in North Beach, especially for our kind of music.  And what happens?  We find a dead attorney on Monday morning!  How’s that for a good start to the week . . . NOT!

That’s not what I need to focus on now.  My career could really take off.  Instead, I’m being questioned by the police and I’m not so sure there might not be more bad stuff coming down the pike.  I need to practice our stuff and get ready for the big gig.  We have a really good following.  Fans that show up at every gig.  And it’s important they show up now ‘cause we want to look good for the people who book the club.  
Anyway . . . gotta go now.  I’m getting a new tattoo today.  It’ll look really good, with flowing vines crawling up my arms, they’ll match the flowers on my hands and wrists.  

See you this Thursday at Stoned, I hope.  Oh, our band is Hoarse by the way.  Be there!  You’ll be sorry if you’re not.

You can read all about me and all of us suspects in Tail of Dragon, coming soon (August 8, 2018)

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  1. Looking forward to reading and possibly owning this one.

    1. Hi Nora Adrienne ~ hope you’ll enjoy Julia’s latest deadly adventure! Happy reading!