Sunday, September 2, 2018

Halloween in South Cove

By Jill Gardner of A DEADLY BREW by Lynn Cahoon

Hi, it's Jill. We're busy getting ready for Halloween here in South Cove. We might not have the chilly nights or the frost on the pumpkin, but we do have a lot of Halloween traditions.

The store has an annual trick or treat party for our younger readers. And usually, we're the last stop after the monsters and ghouls have gathered all the candy from local businesses. Even Josh gets into the spirit and decorates one of his display windows with a halloween scene. Of course, he lets his assistant, Kyle, give out the candy. Josh and kids just don't get along.

This year we have a witching hour theme thanks to Darla Jones, our city marketing maven. Of course, like most jobs in South Cove, it's very, very part time pay for full time hours. But she doesn't seem to mind, and she's great at it.

Decorating the store has me remembering the weekend a few years ago when a few of us spent the weekend at Maryanne Demerit's house before it was demolished for a new condo development. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Maryanne was a witch, but there were a lot of strange things that happened that weekend.

I'm pretty sure the story has been told, maybe in A Deadly Brew. Lynn hangs around my coffee shop a lot, looking for stories to write about. One of these days I'm going to ask for my cut of her royalties. It's only fair, right?

Better go and help Aunt Jackie with the witches cauldron. Dry ice is tricky. See you at the party.


A Deadly Brew…

As Halloween approaches South Cove, California, four couples get into the spirit of the holiday by conjuring up spirits. . .
The house has sat empty for fifteen years, taking up prime real estate along the picturesque coastline. Built by one of the founders of South Cove, its last known owner, Maryanne Demerit, vanished without a trace. Now her home will be demolished for a condo development, but until then, it’s the perfect spot for a Halloween haunted house.
Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More, her boyfriend, and three other couples are spending the weekend in the Demerit home. But what begins as an all-in-good-fun fright fest turns into a mystery begging to be solved as Jill is contacted by the ghost of Maryanne . . .

Lynn also writes romance under Lynn Collins. She lives in a small town like the ones she loves to write about with her husband and two fur babies. Sign up for her newsletter at