Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Of Hurricanes and Water Algae

By Sassy Cabot from the Read ’Em and Eat Mysteries by Terrie Farley Moran

I am not really sure how September arrived so quickly. Bridgy and I had a really difficult summer. There was a combination of Blue Algae and Red Tide that caused no end of trouble in the rivers, estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico. It definitely killed the summer tourist trade here on Fort Myers Beach. A lot of folks are barely surviving. Luckily we are managing to keep the Read ’Em and Eat CafĂ© and Bookstore open and to pay our wonderful chef Miguel. He is such a great guy, he offered to take a pay cut during the hard times. Fortunately we didn’t have to do that and now the water seems to be cleaning itself. Hopefully the winter tourist season will help make things right.

Major thanks to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. They come every Wednesday and distribute food to help out those whose jobs were disrupted by the lack of tourists. The library stays opened extra hours so that it can serve as a “cooling center” so folks can save a little money on their air conditioning bills. The community certaily pulled together to deal with the crisis.

Last year Hurricane Irma, this year dirty water. Tough times. Speaking of hurricanes, we are all praying for our neighbors to the north who were slammed by Hurricane Florence. Our local veterinarian, Cynthia Mays, has been working diligently in our local animal shelters. They have received dogs, cats, and other pets from the areas affected by Florence. It is so important that the animals are taken care of until they can go home again.

It is always great to talk to you. If you want to follow along in our adventures you can find us in Well Read, Then DeadCaught Read-Handed and Read to Death.


  1. Hope all is well soon for everyone.

  2. Hope the water improves and the winter tourist do come.

  3. I am glad to hear that the water is clearing up. I live in the northern part of the state and we have recently had some Red Tide.