Friday, December 21, 2018

Quick Christmas Fun - Your Christmas Elf Name!

By: Jaymie Leighton Müller
From: Breaking the Mould
Series: Vintage Kitchen Mysteries
Website: Victoria Hamilton Mysteries

This time of year can be so stressful, and hectic. It's always been so for me because all of my jobs (helping out at the Queensville Emporium, Jewel's Junk, the Cottage Shoppe, and now The Junk Stops Here and Müller Family Christmas Trees, as well as writing a food column and blog) demand more at this time of year. Also, now with a husband and daughter, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

Sometimes, a little silly fun on the tablet while Jocie and I are sitting in a doctor's waiting room, or in a long line at the store, is just what we need for a few giggles.

Recently, I cam across one of those 'random name generators' for your Christmas Elf name, or even your Christmas Reindeer name! It lets you customize using your own name, or truly randomize it!

So I input my name and it came up with this, my Christmas Elf name!! I am Sherry IciclewineSherry makes noisy drum sets and tambourines for all the good little children. She wears a tunic embroidered with silver icicle patterns, and she loves to be in charge of the other elves and tell them what to do!

LOL!! So thank me, all of you with drum sets in your home this Christmas! 

To play along with Jocie and me, check it out! Just click on the link and find your Elf name!!

The Christmas Elf Name Generator

Or... your reindeer name! I LOVE my reindeer name... Henna Velvetcoat The Cupid: Henna is known for her beautiful velvet coat. She has magical powers that can make young couples fall in love on Christmas eve. She is a romantic reindeer, with deep, mysterious eyes!

Yup... that's me, a romantic reindeer! Have some fun and put in your name to find out your Christmas reindeer name:

The Christmas Reindeer Name Generator

So... have some holiday fun with your little ones and choose an elf or reindeer name! You can call them that all holidays long, or make up stories to go with your elf or reindeer names, and their descriptions!


I'm feeling festive this time of year, and feel like giving away some ebooks! So... comment below by Midnight, December 22nd, leave me a first name and an email address, and I will draw THREE random names to win an EBOOK copy of Breaking The Mould!!

Edited to add.... OR, in this festive time of year, I will gift the book to someone, if you like: I can even arrange for it to arrive on their device on a certain day. 

Also... check out my website and sign up for my newsletter!

Victoria Hamilton Mysteries

The next year will be very busy!

First, February 8th will be the release of something totally different for me, A Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder, a thrilling (and slightly dark) historical mystery set in the Regency era. Then there will be a Merry Muffin  Mystery,  Muffin But Trouble coming in late spring, and another Vintage Kitchen Mystery, Cast Iron Alibi, coming in fall of 2019!

There will be many giveaways, and more, all year long! So sign up for my newsletter, and keep up with it all! Until then...

Merry Christmas, dear readers, and a Happy 2019 to all!


  1. Oh my, the name generator is fun! My elf name is Cranberry Snoozytoes and my reindeer name is Nelli Blackreins the Speeder!
    I hope you have the best Christmas! Thank you for the chance to win this book. I love all of your series!

  2. I liked the names generators. I am Pompom Shinytrifle and as a reindeer I am Jonna Darksleigh the Zoomer.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Love the cover of this book. I would love to read it. Merry Christmas!! Judy,

  4. I'm Toffeeapple Snoozybaubles... and we have a fruit farm, our main crop being apples! cheers (at) MarjimManor (dot) com

  5. My reindeer name is Riikka Sparklyhooves The Sunrise. I'm not sure what I think about that except that I am always up to see the sunrise. Thank you this was fun and thank you for this chance. pgenest57(at)aol(dot)com

  6. My Elf Name is Gingerbread Pepperberry. My description says Gingerbread makes enchanted wooden soldiers for all the good little children. She wears a multicoloured suit covered in red, white, and black pompoms, like pepper seeds, and she is gifted in singing and playing music and always leads in the Christmas carols! Oh to be an Elf. If I was a reindeer, Santa would never get off the ground. robeader53(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. That was fun. My elf name is Cookie Iciclelights. :) Very cute. mcastor07 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  8. My elf name is Snowdrop Chocolatelog - it actually fits me perfectly: "Snowdrop makes skipping ropes and spinning tops for all the good little children. She wears a striped jacket in the colors of white, milk and dark chocolate, and she loves to eat chocolate and can't be left alone in the kitchens without getting into trouble." Thanks for your giveaway and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  9. Thank you for the fun. My elf name: Pompom Twinklelog

    Pompom makes magical scooters and bikes for all the good little children. She wears a deep purple jacket embroidered with stars and moons, and she loves to eat chocolate and can't be left alone in the kitchens without getting into trouble!

  10. My Elf name is Marshmallow Gingersnap. Merry Christmas! Would love to read "Breaking the Mould".

  11. Elf and/or reindeer names? Fun!
    Libby libbydodd at comcast dot net

  12. That was neat -my name is Hannah glittertoes. Merry Christmas!

  13. Your Christmas reindeer name is: Elina Sparklynose The Crescent Moon.

  14. Mine are a mouthful Elf name Treacletart Sugarbubbles Reindeer name is Ronja Glittereyes The Chariot

    Enjoy your Holiday
    gibsonbk at hiwaay dot net

  15. My elf name is Tiramasiu snowflake! Thanks for the chance. Maceoindo(at)yahoo(dot)com

  16. Those generators are fun!! My elf name is Cocoa Brandytriffle and my Christmas Reindeer name is Jenna Glisteningcoat the Prancer. Thanks for chance. ematov (at) comcast (dot) net

  17. Brandy butters starwell plays tricks on the other elves and builds toy castles.

  18. Love ebooks...Netta Shinytoes The Chariot lol...what a name!

  19. I would love to read this series. Thanks for the giveaway. Doward

  20. My reindeer name is Iida Shinyantlers The Cake-Eater, quite the mouthful! Love the cover of your book! JL_Minter@hotmail (dot) com

  21. Nutmeg Gingerfluff...and apparently I'm quite the stabby elf 😂
    Amy donah42 at aol dot com

  22. My reindeer name is Sanni Mossyantlers The Dasher and my elf name is Carol Glittersnaps .Thank you for this chance. Carolyn 1cow0993(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. My name is Tiramisu Shinytrifle.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    sheilarbales at Gmail dot com

  24. Thank you all so much for posting your elf and reindeer names... so much fun! I have chosen my winners and am in the process of emailing them now. Happy Holidays, my friends!