Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Michael Sefton here.

Yes, it's me, believe it or not.  
I'm Michael Sefton.  Or maybe I should say I was Michael Sefton. 
When I was alive that is. 
I’m sure you’ve heard of me.  From Julia undoubtedly because I’m well aware she thinks of me a lot and remembers me as I was in life. 

Am I sad my life was taken from me?  You bet.  It was terribly unfair.  Julia and I had plans.  Big plans for our lives together and all that was ripped away when that car hit me on a busy city street.
It really hurts me that Julia has been in such grief over my death.  I wish there was some way I could ease that for her.  I wish I could explain what I think really happened to me and tell her that there was a lot more to my death that no one knows.  I never had a chance to tell her or anyone else. 
And Maggie.  My poor little sister!  I’m happy she’s so close to Julia.  I don’t want her to suffer either.  But I'm worried about Julia.  She can't let it rest and I’m very concerned that if she doesn’t let it go, her life will be in danger.  She deserves better than that.  Better than my fate. 
I wish I could reach her.  I’ve tried.  I don’t know if there is a way I can communicate with her, other than in dreams.  And even if I could get through to her, would she believe it?  Maybe not.  Maybe she’d just think she was imagining things. 

But I’ll keep trying.  I have to.  I’m still tied to the earth and I know why.  It’s because the truth hasn’t been revealed.  The real story of why I’m dead.  And Julia might even figure it out . . . she could.  Maybe astrology would help.  Julia's smart and very determined.  I just hope she’ll be very very careful. 
I hope her fate will be better than mine. 
You can learn more about me in any of the Zodiac Mysteries:  The Madness of Mercury, All Signs Point to Murder and Tail of the Dragon.  And you can visit my author at her website, on Facebook or Twitter @AskZodia.


  1. I hope we get to learn more of Michael's story and have more adventures with Julia!

    1. Oh you will, you will! Poor Michael . . . poor Julia!