Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Planning for the New Year!

By Jill Gardner from Santa Puppy by Lynn Cahoon

New Year's Resolutions. You either love them or hate them.

I guess it's that way for a lot of traditions. I had a friend in high school who sent New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. She liked the idea of starting the new year with a contact. A way to keep our friendship fresh and new. Of course, it's also the girl/woman who totally ghosted me after high school.

It's sad when you reach out on Facebook to someone who used to be a friend and they pretend you're invisible. But then again, social media is a great way to reconnect with true friends who you've lost touch with over the years. One of my high school buddies sends me sunrise pictures every now and then.

It's sweet.

And, it's got me thinking. I need to reconnect with old friends. See what's going on in their lives. Maybe get my aunt thinking about the same thing. Right now, all she's thinking about is the wedding. Her wedding. Maybe if we did a trip down memory lane, she'd see that there is a world of people out there, just waiting for contact. Maybe even a best friend who'd love to talk about wedding invitations for hours...

And she'd let me be. It's bad enough my best friend just got engaged. Now I have two bridezilla's to deal with.

I should take a class in painting seascapes or something. That way, I'd be too busy to deal with the wedding madness.

Instead of a resolution, I could pick a New Year's word. Like serenity. Or openness. Or even gratitude. And a meditation practice. As long as I don't have to do yoga. I hate yoga. Even more than wedding planning.

What are your new year's resolutions?


Santa Puppy - A Tourist Trap holiday novella

’Twas the season of Christmas, and all through South Cove, California, Santa is working overtime to deliver a special gift . . .

Jill Gardner has volunteered her Coffee, Books, and More to host a Christmas adopt-a-pet party. Among the potential forever friends is a male terrier named Baby, whose owner died of a heart attack. With few clues to go on, even finding the name of Baby’s human is a daunting task. But there’s no challenge too big for Jill this holiday season.

Playing Santa’s Little Helper, Jill is determined to find out what happened —and to fulfill a long-time coming Christmas wish . . .


  1. I use a word in place of resolutions. Long ago I figured out how resolutions affect me and stopped them. First there would be the excitement of the new year with new goals. A fresh start. Then comes the pressure to fulfill the resolution. Your friends and family expect a good update on how well you are doing. They are so encouraging without realizing how much pressure you feel when they ask. Then comes the moment you dread. The moment you realize you have broken your resolutions. The feeling of failure that magnifies in your mind when you think about telling others you failed. You didn't make it past the first month! Nope. Not for me. I choose a word that I want to enjoy. It is usually a word that signifies something I want more of in my life, my community and in the world. Over the years I have chosen things like joy, kindness and gratitude. This year I have decided on healing. I think our country and the world need it as much as I do. Since the idea is to focus on the word there is no failure. You are just looking for ways to bring healing to yourself and others, watching for opportunities to bring healing, joy, gratitude to others. Once you start using your word, you may be surprised at how easy it is to find those opportunities. I am looking forward to reading Santa Puppy. I find I am a happier person when I bring a bit of Christmas with me into the New Year. The days I choose to feel the spirit by reading, watching or listening to Christmas during the year are always delightful. Happy New Year!

  2. I decided on something simple this year. I plan on sending lots of birthday cards.

  3. I have simple goals this year: make sure I write a review for EVERY book I read, try to not put pressure on myself about my physical challenges, ask for help more often, actually write on my blog and simplify my life more. Not many goals, yet I do think I can achieve them.

  4. I decided to not set goals this year. I need to reduce my stress level in order to lower my blood pressure and don't need the pressure of meeting an arbitrary goal. I just want to get healthy again.