Monday, January 28, 2019

Top Five Craft Trends for 2019

By Cora Chevalier
Assault and Beadery
Cora Crafts Mysteries
By Mollie Cox Bryan

I've been reading about the predicted craft trends for 2019. Thought I'd compile it and share it here. It's always good to know what crafters are looking for as I plan my retreats. 

1. The Dirty Pour

This involves mixing multiple paint colors in the same container before pouring on canvas or other materials, such at painters or ports. The paints mix as they leave the cup, blending the colors and creating unexpected colors and ultra-cool effects. You can even do a double dirty pour (a blend of blues and greens in one cup; reds and yellows in another, for instance).  So much fun! Here's a bit more on the popular technique. 

2. Pyrography
As makers continue to focus on upcycling and personalization, it’s not surprising that pyrography — the art of decorating wood with a heated object — is a hot, hot, HOT trend.  All you need to jump in on the trend is a pyrography pen (which typically come with interchangeable tips), something made out of wood (think cutting boards, utensils, frames or just a wood blank) and your imagination.  Check out this blog for further details. 
3. Orange
Watch out for this new popular color--a kinder, gentler orange. In keeping with 2019’s overall move toward toning it down, orange will take on a rich, warm and rusty patina this year. This moody new hue will crop up in just about every kind of handicraft — from home accessories to clothing to jewelry.
4. Artisanal Soap
Home soap making has been gaining in popularity for several years, but now it's gone step further with mat and put cases poured into molds like popsicles and flowers and then decreed to look real. Also, soapmakers are using wonderful, upscale ingredients. If you'd like to make soap, here's a blog with some great, easy but lovely, recipes. 
5. Wabi-sabi 
This is a new form of upcycling broken items based on the Japanese movement for appreciating beauty in imperfection.  Gold paint or colored thread is added to cracks or rips in china and clothing. for a great discussion on Wabi-sabi, check out this blog post

Mollie Cox Bryan writes cozy mysteries with edge and romances with slow, sweet burn. She’s just published the third book in her new Cora Crafts Mystery Series: Macrame Murder. The first book in the series, Death Among the Doilies,  was selected as "Fresh Fiction Not to Miss" and was a  finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award. The second book, No Charm Intended, was named a “Summer 2017 Top 10 Beach Read” by Woman's World. She also wrote the Agatha-award nominated Cumberland Creek Mysteries. Several of the books the series were short-listed for the Virginia Library People's Choice Award. She makes her home at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley, Va., where she works as a researcher and fact checker and writes in the early morning hours. Visit her and sign up for her newsletter at Or follow her on Twitter @molliecoxbryan, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.  


  1. The orange trend will be nice for the late Summer and Autumn. Orange is one of my go to colours for the fall anyway.
    I am really excited for the new series! Those cows are so cute!

  2. I love the concept of Wabi Sabi! Have you read the children's picture book about a cat named Wabi Sabi? That's also the name of the book. It's written by Mark Reibstein and illustrated by Ed Young? Delightful! Thanks for a great round up of trends.

  3. These sound interesting but also kind of retro. I seem to remember some similar trends years, years ago.