Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Brain Challenge!

by Jazz Ramsey, from Kylie Logan's soon-to-be-published "Scent of Murder"

Here in Cleveland, the Polar Vortex is officially over.  In fact, the temperatures have been downright balmy, in the 50s.  At St. Catherine's Preparatory Academy (the exclusive school for girls where I work as the administrative assistant to the principal, the girls are already thinking spring.  That means it's not too soon to start thinking about "The Scent of Murder," the first book in the new Jazz Ramsey Mystery series.  It will hit store (and cyber) shelves on May 7.

Here's a brain challenge for you, a word search.  Every one of the words has something to do with "The Scent of Murder."

Good luck!


  1. Dang! I printed out the puzzle and it's hard!!!

  2. I'll have to print it out to find them all.

  3. Susan Worrell, you must be some kind of genius! I've been working on it two days and still don't have them all!

    1. Oh, then I shouldn't tell you that I timed myself and had it done in 8 minutes!
      I've been doing word searches since I was a kid. The challenge for me is how fast I can find all the words. Happy word searching.