Friday, February 15, 2019

What’s an astrologer to do?

Hi everyone ~ remember me?

I’m Julia Bonatti from the Zodiac Mysteries.  And here I am once again working on my newspaper column Ask Zodia.  Some days it's hard.  You would not believe the letters I get!  Some of them are so weird, I just have to send them back to the Chronicle.  I do have my standards after all. 

I won’t respond to anyone who claims astrology is the work of the devil.  I won’t respond to crank letters or threatening letters and my most annoying pet peeve – people who send their birth information and don’t have a question!

Here’s a good example: 
Dear Zodia ~
I was born May 13, 1989 at 2:15 p.m. in San Francisco.  I live in Daly City now and I just love your column!  What does my chart show? 
~ Darlene

What???  Darlene, this is a newspaper column!  I can’t delineate a whole chart in a couple of paragraphs.  For free?
Give me a break.  I think I’ll ask my editor to post a preface to my astrological column.  It should say:  If you can’t formulate a specific question for Zodia, please don’t bother writing to her! 

Or how about this one? 
Dear Zodia ~
I wrote to you last year and you said I’d be meeting the love of my life in a few months.  Well, it didn’t happen!  The only thing that did happen was I started a new career and have been making a lot of money.  But I still haven’t met my soul mate.  What kind of an astrologer are you anyway? 

~ Disgruntled
Dear Disgruntled ~
I remember your letter and I’m very sorry you haven’t met the love of your life yet.  But, I have to remind you, that wasn’t my prediction.  I said that you would be doing a lot of traveling during that time period and could have an adventurous time.  I predicted that new worlds would open up for you.  It certainly sounds as if that has happened. 
~ Zodia
PS:  I think I’m a very good astrologer! 
Groan . . . what’s an astrologer to do?  Does anyone actually listen? 
What do you think? 
Okay . . . I know what you'll say.  You'll tell me to bite my tongue and be nice.
And you're right.  That's good advice! 

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