Friday, February 22, 2019

When ancient history isn't so ancient @AceCathy

BOOK: The Wrong Boy 
AUTHOR: Cathy Ace
CHARACTER: Betty Glover, psychotherapist   

Kristopher Zgorski, at BOLO Books says: "With two successful series and a few collections of novellas, some may view Cathy Ace’s decision to release a stand-alone psychological suspense novel as a strange – and potentially risky – move, but not too many pages into The Wrong Boy skeptics will realize this is a novel she was destined to write. While it does skew a bit darker than her more traditional – bordering on cozy – offerings, there is nothing gratuitous in The Wrong Boy that should off-put Cathy Ace’s existing fans."

As a psychotherapist, I spend my professional life delving into other people's secrets - the lives they sometimes don't even acknowledge to themselves that they live. But my husband and I have always agreed we don't take our work home with us; he's a Detective Inspector in the West Glamorgan Police Service, so we both have good reason to leave our work-day at the front door when we finally have the chance of some private time together.

That's all going to change very soon - he retires at the end of the week, and will have to find a new way to fill his days. I'm going to keep working, though I'm able to pick and choose my days and hours, so I can be flexible about the amount of time we get together from now on. It's  - hopefully - going to mean a smoother transition into his retirement for both of us. 

He's on his way home now. Sounded a bit down on the phone. He's been stuck out at a village in Gower all day overseeing the discovery of some mysterious remains there. And it's been raining, hard, so he'll probably be soaked to the skin, poor dab. Still, he won't have to do this sort of thing any more, not after Friday. Which is good...I think.

The village where they found...whatever it a lovely place. Rhosddraig sits on the cliffs overlooking the spectacular beach below, and it's a place Evan and I - that's my husband, DI Evan Glover - have gone many a time for a good, long walk, followed by a drink at the pub there, The Dragon's Head. Nice place. Run by three generations of the same family - the Jones women. 

Evan is interested in local history, and I think he'll be happy to have more time to spend with his head buried in his books when he finishes work...he's especially keen on the Neolithic sites in the area around Rhosddraig. 

I must admit I don't feel quite the same way about them that he does - though touching stones erected by human hands over five thousand years ago does make me feel connected to those ancient people in a strange way. It makes you think, doesn't it, about what it was that motivated them to somehow (no one knows exactly how) move massive rocks, weighing tons, to a certain location, then to somehow (again, no one knows how) lift one to sit upon four others, like a sort of table. And all to honor...well, again, no one is quite certain. 

But I dare say Evan won't have been yomping around ancient monuments today - this day's been all about ensuring that a possible crime scene is treated as it should be. No, those ancient stones - however mysterious they might be - are just standing in the landscape here in South Wales, offering a good draw for the tourists..that's all, these days. Surely.


Perched on a Welsh clifftop, the ancient, picturesque hamlet of Rhosddraig has its peaceful fa├žade ripped apart when human remains are discovered under a pile of stones. The village pub, The Dragon's Head, run by three generations of women, becomes the focal point for those interested in the grisly find, and it’s where layers of deceit are peeled away to expose old secrets, and deep wounds. The police need to establish who died, how, and why, but DI Evan Glover knows he can’t be involved in the investigation, because he's just two days away from retirement. However, as the case develops in unexpected ways, it becomes irrevocably woven into his life, and the lives of local families, leading to disturbing revelations – and deadly consequences . . .

Settle down with a twisty tale about secrets and lies...NOW!




  1. This sounds fabulous. I'm ordering it in for Yon Bonnie Books. Thanks for letting us know about it. (And our author will make sure the library where she works gets it, too. In real life.)

    1. How lovely of you to order it for the bookshop, Janet :-) And I hope your other self enjoy it too!

  2. Two can play at that game - I just ordered The Wrong Boy for our library here in Blue Plum, Tennessee. Excellent!

    1. How I LOVE librarians - both real and fictional! Thanks so much Thea :-)

  3. I'm excited to read this - sounds great!

    1. So pleased you like the sound of it Brooke...Happy Reading :-)