Tuesday, March 5, 2019

An Open Book

By Jazz Ramsey from Kylie Logan’s soon-to-be-released “The Scent of Murder”

It’s not easy being a fictional character.  I mean, people are always asking questions....what do you look like?  Who are you dating?  What’s this I hear about your big, crazy family?

Honestly, it’s enough to drive a heroine crazy.  Especially one like me.  I’m Jazz Ramsey, featured character in Kylie Logan’s “The Scent of Murder,” and not someone who likes the spotlight shined on me. 

It’s not exactly like I’m shy.  After all, I work as the administrative assistant to the principal at an exclusive all-girls school in Cleveland.  You can imagine what that means–I interact with plenty of people all the time: students, parents, vendors, staff.  If I was shy, I wouldn’t last an hour in my job.

That being said, I do like my alone time.  Except even then, I’m usually not alone.

I usually have a dog with me.

You see, in addition to that stressful, interesting job of mine, I’ve got volunteer work I’m passionate about.

I’m a cadaver dog trainer and handler.

It’s important work.  After all, every family needs closure.  And when a loved-one goes missing, the least we as a community can do is help them find the person–dead or alive.

That’s where I come in with one of my dogs.  Back in the day, I worked side-by-side with Manny, a Golden Retriever and the dog of my heart.  Manny died a year ago and now, I’m working with the dogs that belong to other members of my search and rescue and HRD (that’s Human Remains Detection) group.  I train the dogs, take them out practice searches, give them and their owners pointers on how to best do our work.

I was working with a dog named Luther, a handsome German Shepherd, running him through his paces in an abandoned building, when he discovered something that shouldn’t have been there.  Someone who shouldn’t have been there.

As it turned out, the victim was a former student at the school where I work.  And the lead detective on the case?  The last person I wanted to see show up at the scene was Nick Kolesov, my former boyfriend. 

In real life, I might be able to keep my involvement–with the murder and with Nick–a secret.

But this is fiction, remember.  And my life is an open book.  This particular book, “The Scent of Murder,” will be on store and cyber shelves on May 7.