Friday, March 29, 2019

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...again.

Series: Vintage Toyshop Mysteries
Character: Lori Briggs, mayor's wife
Author Barbara Early

Memo from Lori Briggs, mayor’s wife, to East Aurora business owners:

It’s another exciting day in East Aurora!

If you haven’t heard already, the movie people are coming back to town. Of course, it’s only since my husband has been mayor that Hollywood’s been coming to call. It takes work, you see. Yes, our little village is as cute as the proverbial bug—that is, if bugs were cute—but without a comprehensive plan to reach the movers and shakers who make these motion pictures, they could go to any cute town.

So, here’s what to do to make our town shine:

1. Make sure all garbage and recycling totes are kept off of Main Street, and pick up any trash that you see.

2. Shine those windows! Also make sure you keep that signage crisp and readable.

3. I know it’s spring, but consider putting the Christmas displays back in your windows.

4. If you’re signing up to be an extra, make sure you wear your winter coats—including boots, scarves and mittens. And dig out those holiday sweaters!

5. We could use a bell-ringer or two, Santa gear optional. (Hank, that’s you.)

6. And if the employees of a certain toyshop could refrain from finding a body, at least for the duration of the filming, it would be much appreciated!

Facts and fiction:

Yes, East Aurora is a real town, and, in addition to being the setting for the Vintage Toyshop Mysteries, several real movies have been filmed there. (Lori Briggs, or course, is a fictional character.)

Vidler’s, the village’s historic and delightfully quirky five-and dime, compiled a list of movies previously filmed in East Aurora

And here’s a news story about Special Dinner, the current movie being filmed. 

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