Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Just Piddling

by Dave Tucker of Designs On Murder by Gayle Leeson

I love to piddle around in my workshop, and lately, my granddaughter has given me ample opportunity to do so. She has opened a fashion design shop in Abingdon, and I've just finished this shelf for her. The shelf had to be custom made because Amanda has such an odd variety of things the shelf has to accommodate: bolts of fabric, pattern books, spools of lace and ribbon, sketchbooks, and...well, I don't know what all. I used this scroll saw to make a decorative design across the top, along with this ornate A. I hope she'll like it.

Amanda's shop is called Designs onYou, and it's located on Main Street at Shops on Main. Her parents are worried about how well she'll do with the shop--they think it was a frivolous undertaking--but I've got confidence in my girl. She's smarter and more accomplished than even she realizes.

Plus, she has help from some unusual places. In addition to me, she's made a new friend at Shops on Main. Maxine "Max" Englebright is the building's resident ghost...although the only ones who really realize that are Amanda and me. Both of us can see and converse with Max as well as we can with anyone else in the building--and better than one or two!

Amanda used to tell me about seeing people that no one else could see when she was a little girl, but she hadn't done so in a long time. In fact, she doesn't remember experiencing that at all. And, I can't remember ever having any sort of ghostly encounter. But when I walked into Amanda's shop, I could see Max as plain as day. We think it might have something to do with the fact that Max was running to meet my great-grandfather when she fell down the steps. It's like the woman has a cosmic connection to our family.

Oh, well. You've listened to my rambling long enough, and I need to get back to finishing up Amanda's shelf. But, before you go, tell me what do you like to "piddle" at?

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