Friday, March 22, 2019

Of Shakespeare, hares, and turning eighteen

By: Sadie Jones
Excerpt from: The Wrong Boy (amazon #1 bestseller!!)
Author: Cathy Ace

Meet Sadie Jones: daughter of Helen, granddaughter of Nan (Myfanwy), who live together at, and run, The Dragon's Head pub in the clifftop village of Rhosddraig in Wales.

Sadie is seventeen. 
Remember what it was like to be seventeen?

I hate double English. I hate double anything – it’s too long to keep thinking about just one thing. I suppose it isn’t so bad at the moment, because Aled’s been picked to read Romeo in class. Though why Mrs Lee had to pick Rhian to read Juliet I’ll never know. Priya Patel would have been better – at least she goes to elocution lessons and can read things aloud properly. Rhian stumbles over every line.
Aled reads Romeo like an angel, and I can tell he’s thinking of me when he reads it, not Rhian.
She’s just a big lump. Everyone says it, not just me. And it’s true. She was always useless at PE. Can’t run for toffee. And it shows. Wobbles about all over the place, she does. I mean, I know I’m not fast, but who could be with these boobs?
I hate my boobs. Mam says I can’t have them made smaller until I’m an adult. Says I haven’t stopped growing yet. Well, I’ll be eighteen in six months and three weeks, so then I can do what I want.
Photo from BBC Good Food Guide
 Mam and I were talking about what I’ll do to celebrate my next birthday, it being such an important one. Of course I have my own plans for the night, but she said she’d be happy to make me one last hare-shaped, white blancmange surrounded by green jelly grass, just like I’ve been having since I was little. I think that’s a good idea, because after that night I’ll be a totally different person, and that might not be suitable for me anymore.

Oh Aled . . . when we get married I’ll be Mrs Sadie Beynon. Mrs Sadie Beynon has a lovely ring to it. It sounds like I could be anything, with that name. Being married must be wonderful, if you’re in love. And, of course, I could be Mrs Sadie Beynon who runs The Dragon’s Head pub in Rhosddraig, if I want…
Photo by author of The Worm's Head Hotel in Rhossili, Wales - inspiration for The Dragon's Head pub

There’s Mam calling again. I suppose I’d better get up; God knows Nan throws a fit when we don’t all stick to our bathroom timetable. And I can’t let Mam think I didn’t get a proper night’s sleep, or she’ll start The Inquisition and it’ll be awful. Besides, at least I can look forward to watching Aled while he reads Romeo’s lines.
Love really is ‘a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes’. Shakespeare must have known what real love was. A love like ours.
Sadie and Aled. Forever.

You can find out how teenage love can...let's just say "go awry" THE WRONG BOY by Cathy Ace. 

The book has received stellar blurbs, and wonderful reviews. You can read them by clicking here. For those who enjoy a journey that's full of suspense, twists, and reversals, it might be just your cup of tea. 

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The Wrong Boy is Cathy's thirteenth novel. 
She also writes the award-winning Cait Morgan Mysteries and the WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries

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