Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April in Louisiana means Jazz Fest!

BY: Gaynell Bourgeois
FROM: Mardi Gras Murder
SERIES: Cajun Country Mysteries
AUTHOR: Ellen Byron

Hey, y'all! Gaynell Bourgeois here. I'm one of Maggie Crozat's best friends. I have a band called Gaynell and the Gator Girls. April and May are my favorite months of the year here because the last weekend of April and first of May are when the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival takes place. This year's the fiftieth anniversary, and you know who's gonna be there? THE ROLLING STONES!!! That's right. The. STONES!!! Wait, what?? They cancelled??? Mick had heart surgery? Nooo!!

Oh, well. Even without Mick and Keith and the gang, it's the most fun festival ever. There are a ton of stages and tents featuring just about every kind of music you can think of. Jazz, Dixieland, R&B, Zydeco, Cajun, Pop, Gospel.
You name it, they sing it! There are so many crafts from the region, and the food... My, oh my, where to begin? Catfish po'boys, jambalaya, muffalettas, Crawfish Monica. I have no idea what's in the giant cup my author's holding, but I'm guessing she felt it the next day!

My dream is to play at Jazz Fest. I want to play it so much that my author wrote it into the storyline for Cajun Country Mystery #5, FATAL CAJUN FESTIVAL. Will my dream come true? I guess you'll have to wait until when the book launches in September to find out!

Readers, have you ever been to Jazz Fest? If not, is there a festival you just love?

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