Monday, April 29, 2019

Cathy Mccall's Gift Guide for Moms

Series: Vintage Toyshop Mysteries
Author: Barbara Early

Cathy McCall here. 

I don't know about you, but I always have so much trouble coming up with new Mothers' Day gift ideas. Now, my mom is a snowbird--which means she's getting ready to come back for a great East Aurora summer. We'll barbecue, weather permitting, and maybe top it off with a fire and some s'mores.

But what to get her?  Ideas can run a little thin. She wasn’t too happy with the blender, and she’s never worn those pearls. And any plants or flowers I've given her are unlikely to last a week. Definitely no green thumb.

Well, I found a great gift for her right in our vintage toyshop, so Liz thought I should write up a list of suggestions in case anyone else comes in looking for something for their mothers.

Cathy McCall's Gift Guide for Moms:

Have you thought about toys or games? After all, moms are all about family, and the promise of time spent gathered around a table together might just be the ticket for certain fun-loving moms. (Full discloser: you can buy all these things in our vintage toyshop.)

Here are some ideas to consider:

Buy an old favorite. Does Mom talk about the hours she spent playing backgammon in Junior High, playing chess with her grandfather, or Trivial Pursuit tournaments in college? Why not help her relive those memories with a new game set? Be sure to allow time to play.

Update an old classic. Is Mom a Doctor Who fan? Disney? Game of Thrones? Think about a Monopoly, Clue, or Uno game that celebrates her fandom. Again, make sure you set aside time to play—unless she wants to keep it as a collector’s item! Some of these can appreciate in value over time.

Buy something she had as a child. I have fond memories of an old Lite Brite that I spent hours playing with. I can still recall what it smelled like as the bulb heated up—maybe not the safest thing! What a joy to be able to share our favorite toys with our kids, or maybe even grandkids someday. Maybe there was a dollhouse she enjoyed. Spending the time to find out a little more about her childhood—and then taking the time to find just the right thing—might just make for an awesome gift.

Not a player? Maybe she would enjoy a collection of nostalgic candy, popular when she was a kid. Gather her favorites and put in a nice basket. Maybe she’ll even share.

Still not sure? Well, is she a reader?

Maybe she'd like a book...or three.

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