Friday, April 19, 2019

Celebrations Fort Myers Beach Style

Things are never quiet on Fort Myers Beach. We are always celebrating something, be it the annual Shrimp Festival, Pirate Fest, the Christmas Boat Parade or the American Sandsculpting Championship. 

My BFF Bridgy and I, as owners of a local business, the Read ’Em and Eat CafĂ© and Bookstore, love to participate in the planning of these super terrific events, but I have to tell you that the actual events themselves are exhausting for us but in a very good way.

While we usually are a breakfast and lunch kind of place, during festivals we open the Read ’Em and Eat earlier than usual and we keep it open far into the evening, serving our lunch menu for light dinners such as Old Man and the Sea Chowder or Green Eggs and Ham. And we always have tasty snacks. Miss Marple Orange Iced Scones come to mind. Customers keep us hopping and that is how we like it. So if you are in town for a special even, stop on by, I am sure you can find some thing on the Read ’Em and Eat menu that will satisfy.

So, which type of beach celebration has the most appeal for you?


  1. The American Sandsculpting Championship - the creations are amazing!

  2. The Sandsculpting and the Christmas Boat parade sound amazing.

  3. Eileen, you are right! I should scout around and find some sandsculpting and boat parade pictures for Sassy to post in the future. Thanks for the nudge!