Friday, April 12, 2019

Simply Stunning

by Jason Logan from Designs on Murder by Gayle Leeson

Please excuse this goofy grin on my face, but I just met the most amazing woman. Her name is Amanda, and she has opened up a fashion design boutique in the building where I have my photography studio.

We bumped into each other--literally--when she was leaving her shop today. In fact, Amanda nearly fell, and I had to catch her. And then we stood there staring at each other for a few awkward seconds until she realized she was still in my arms and stepped back. She actually said, "I didn't do it on purpose!" It was almost as if she were talking to someone else, but there was no one else there. I found her self-consciousness endearing.

I asked to photograph Amanda in some of her designs. I'm thinking it's an excellent way to get to know her better. Plus, it's great publicity for both our businesses. So even if she has a boyfriend, our acquaintance is still good from a business standpoint. Right?

Yeah...I hope she doesn't have a boyfriend.

So, how did you meet your someone-special?


  1. Like Jason and Amanda, I met my husband at work -- he had an office across the hall. It seemed like the whole building was trying to get us together, and their matchmaking worked!

  2. I met my husband the first day I started at Toys R Us. (I was in the break room watching cashier videos and he walked in, we said hi to each other and 3 months later we officially started dating.. that was 26yrs ago and we've been married 20yrs this October😁

  3. He was the director of the International Center at Purdue University. I was assigned to help with an ESL program (through the YMCA). After a few weeks he asked me out for a date. We've been together 39 years, married almost 37 in June.